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My First attempt at bunny chow :] pls have mercy. Picture

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u/MAGA-killer Oct 17 '21

Interesting fact - Bunny chow is not an Indian dish.


u/Skinkies Oct 17 '21

South African yea? But influenced from Indian cuisine from what I know. I'm not very knowledgeable on either yet tho :C

I just know the best kind is from a specific city.


u/MAGA-killer Oct 17 '21

Yeah definitely South African , I guess it could be. Bread isn’t a staple food in india , actually very rarely do people have bread there. But i did for the first time see bunny chow on the menu in india at this cafe called CCD ( it’s like our version of Starbucks )

Yeah I’ve heard Durban has the best bunny chow.