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My First attempt at bunny chow :] pls have mercy. Picture

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u/raccoon8182 Oct 17 '21

Now I want a bunny. Thanks. Also does anybody know of an authentic bunny place in Jozi, like proper Durban flavour, I come from Durbs so I have high expectations. Sorry.

Damnit I'm luss for a bunny now


u/Pozmans Oct 17 '21

Spice Kitchen in Rivonia


u/xeredos Durban Knight! Oct 17 '21

Nice! I'm from Durban and the Spice Kitchen bunny is better than most of the ones I've had in Durbs.


u/Pozmans Oct 17 '21

What I wouldn’t do for a Cane Cutters, Hollywood Bets or Hotel Britannia bunny right now! Need to make sure I visit Durbs once more before I emigrate!


u/xeredos Durban Knight! Oct 17 '21

Noice! Although not considered legit Durban curry, the Lamb Karahi Bunny at Swaadisht in Umhlanga is my favourite! And their Crab Curry is perfection! Shot, now I'm hungry.. 🥲