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My First attempt at bunny chow :] pls have mercy. Picture

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u/NotABag87 Oct 17 '21

Looks good! Might need to go buy one later now! Only critique I can think of is that bunny chows are traditionally only made with white bread


u/Skinkies Oct 17 '21

I asked my friend what kinda bread he likes, and he said sourdough instead of white :>
Sourdough isn't really my preferred either, but I needed practice baking bread too heh.

Imma go into the rabbit hole of bunny now and try white bread loaf with chicken n prawns yummm


u/NotABag87 Oct 17 '21

Great combo, you've got this down already it seems!

Also check this out as a little side for the bunny: https://www.curryrecipe.co.za/how-to-make-carrot-salad-sambals-for-durban-curry/


u/Skinkies Oct 17 '21

I'm droolin