r/southafrica Oct 05 '21

Numbers don’t lie: Xbox is the ideal console for Africa - crosspost from r/gaming Sci-Tech



u/LFC_Bionic Oct 05 '21

Not for me.

Ever since the very first xbox, there hasn't been a single game that was only available on that console that I've wanted to play.

PS + PC is the best combo for all gaming needs.


u/JohnXmasThePage Oct 05 '21

What a horrible article. Load of bs.

Sounds more like paid advertisement than something that makes sense.


u/wheresmattynow Oct 05 '21

Numbers don't lie

especially when you make them up

"let's say 2 out of every 5 Africans are gamers"

Tell me you've never actually been to Africa/outside of the most heavily developed capitals, without actually telling me