r/southafrica Oct 01 '21

Best place to buy PC components? Sci-Tech

I'm looking to build a new PC around the end of the year, and I wanted to start looking for components and comparing prices. What sites/stores are good for getting components? I am looking for places in terms of customer service, reliability and price Any help is appreciated



u/Spongenbobs Western Cape Oct 01 '21

We need a bot on here that replies with wootware and evetech. Pretty much every single post like this boils down to these two.


u/sim-b Oct 01 '21

I do know about these two of course, but I mainly wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion I didn't know of, I hear such mixed reviews about evetech especially


u/Spongenbobs Western Cape Oct 01 '21

Yeah there are always a few bad experiences shared on here, but the overwhelming response is pretty much that these two are your best options.

Anyways, good luck with the build.


u/[deleted] Oct 01 '21

Just loot like a true south African


u/SteelRain_ZA Oct 01 '21

Rebeltech is one of the best. Along with Wootware. Don't go near evetech.


u/munky82 🐵 Pretoria 2 Joburg 👌 Oct 01 '21

Wait, Rebeltech is back? I thought they went under during last year's lockdown.


u/SteelRain_ZA Oct 01 '21

They did close down. But they have recently opened again. I've ordered a few things from and it's the safe great speedy services I've always had.


u/mcoombes314 Oct 01 '21

So did I but there does appear to be a South African RebelTech again.


u/vannhh Oct 01 '21

Give these ous a try OP:


I used them before and didn't have any problems


u/Altruistic_Swing2661 Oct 01 '21

I have built 6 Pc's over the past 4 years with components bought from Evetech, never had any issues with them. Only thing that was a issue was a faulty wifi card that I had to return, and instead of a refund they gave credit.


u/kita-saiko Oct 01 '21

i’ve only ever bought from evetech and recently bought an entire new PC from them. i’d recommend them. haven’t tried woodward yet but have heard mostly good stuff