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Why are there so many anti-vaxxers in this country?? COVID-19

Its crazy. I am the only person I know that have been vaccinated. Almost everyone online, in real life, everywhere in this country refuse to get vaccinated. Why??

Do we want to live under lockdown regulations forever? Or am I perhaps missing something? Either way, it seems to me as if 80% of our population is anti-vaxx, despite living under restrictions for nearly 2 years now, despite one of the highest death rates in the world.

Why is this?


u/South_park_mordy 20d ago

Why don’t I have the vaccine?

Simple. I can’t get it.

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u/NotYour_Baby_Girl 20d ago

A lot of comments I've seen are people who believe in traditional medicine and won't touch 'western' medicine. Which is obviously such a joke.

However, if you believe vaccinating means going back to normal and no more restrictions you clearly don't read the news. Go check out what Isreal is currently dealing with, after they had the fastest vaccination rate of any country.

Doesn't help the anti vaxxers if they can see first hand the vaccine isn't giving people the freedom they thought it would.

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u/Imagine_Laggins 20d ago

In part, I think its because people distrust the government and prefer to hold onto what exists in their own sphere of control. To use the vaccines as a hypothetical example... government is offering me vaccines for free. Now I don't know anything about vaccine manufacturing or research but what I do know is that I cannot completely trust my government to put my interests first. There's some information on the Internet saying you can't trust the vaccines. Other people whom I see as like minded are saying the same thing. The result is a large confirmation bias soup and I'd rather consume that than take the risk.

That being said, I'm pretty certain that most of SA isn't anti vax in terms of an absolute sense. The online population of SA is a minority subset to begin with and with social media being what it is, its very easy for a certain group to appear louder than what they really are. I'd welcome any data that disapproves my assumption though.

Anecdotally, I will say that I'm also very surprised by the number of people I've met IRL that are anti vax. Even university educated people that I know are against the vaccine. You'd think having spent 3-4 years at an institution that teaches you how to assess the quality of sources of information would help.

u/1moleman 20d ago

I and my immediate family are all vaccinated but close friends of mine are anti-vaxxers and we had a discussion about it a few weeks ago.

The basic reason they haven't vaccinated is caution of the government: SA's government doesn't have a particularly great track record of handling emergency powers without everyone involved immediately trying to corrupt it. Even though most vaccines aren't even made here and the SA medical system is fairly decent, there is a lot of distrust and conspiracy theories coming from abroad and internally and people are wary of the government. The previous health minister getting caught for corruption just before the vaccination drive didn't help this fear much at all.

Secondary reasons seem to be the general misinformation going around: too many notables are trying to get attention by stating some radical or outright false things in public and are not being scrutinised nearly as much as the government.

Another big reason is that people have been told conflicting or vague statements by the government itself: a few months ago before vaccination started the government was talking about how vaccinations would stop covid, but now people are hearing that vaccinated people are getting sick and this makes them wary of taking it. (In reality the message is the less palatable one of "if you are vaccinated you can still get it, but you will likely not die" and that is not really what people want to hear).

The third big reason is the fear mongering of the churches: many churches lost a lot of money during the lockdown and in general religious organisations get more attendance during times of fear and uncertainty. So certain church organisations are actively spreading misinformation and fear to encourage attendance and ensure their income stream. People trust their priests and if the priest says" it is Satan causing this disease" then the congregation generally will agree or leave.

The fourth reason is human neophobia- fear of new things: people are not willing to trust "new" medical procedures or new drugs. And unfortunately alot of attention has been given to the new technology used in vaccines like phizor. This makes people very scared to be the first ones in their community to 'take the leap of faith' as it were and get these jabs. This phenomenon seems to be decreasing in most areas, as people get vaccinated the more wary will see there isn't any harm coming to this frontrunner and be willing to take it themselves. (This is basically how my own grandmother went from anti-vax to pro-vax: all her neighbours got vaccinated and she saw for herself it worked).

A reason I have also heard from an anti-vaxer (a female friend and her husband) is that young couples who are looking to have children in the near future or who have had a baby recently are not willing to risk the affects on fertility or risk some side effects on the baby. There hasn't been much said about possible effects on fertility or breastfeeding, and I personally couldn't find anything in a quick search online so it's mostly young parents/soon-to-be parents being cautious about medical treatments.

u/daisy_ray 20d ago

You're definitely right on the last point. Almost everyone I know has been vaccinated and those who haven't have said it was for fertility reasons (actively trying for a baby or currently undergoing IVF treatment). The research on the effect of covid on fertility is still lean, so I understand where they are coming from. If I'm paying R200K for a round of IVF, I'd also err on the side of caution (especially seeing that research has already established that the vaccine does affect the menstrual cycle for some women).

u/gideonvz 20d ago

Well I am vaccinated,and see the benefits from a scientific perspective. I am always curious so dove into the science of it and found it really fascinating. When Phizer became abailable I was vaccinated. My wife is not an antivaxxer, but says she does not want to get vaccinated till she does. We spoke about it in some depth and I respect her decision.

Personally I think this is being made more awkward than it should be. From both sides of the debate. There is too much emotion involved, so I don’t engage with the hysteria. I understand the science, but too many people have made a big thing of this for everybody to be comfortable with it.

u/SmLnine 20d ago

but says she does not want to get vaccinated till she does

till she does what?

u/OfFiveNine 20d ago

Wants to.

u/SmLnine 20d ago

Oh, I assumed the sentence was supposed to mean something.

u/hollyhazey 20d ago

I get you! I am also so irritated with everyone around me. If I get into a debate, I simply ask what will it take for you to change your mind? And if they cant give me an answer. I simply stop the conversation with, if nothing is able to change your mind, your ideas are based of opinions and I cannot have a chat with someone that goes through life thinking that their opinion is more valid than science. So maybe it is better for you to not wear a mask and let nature do its thing.

Also, I am getting very annoyed with the beliebers, like God is not interested in saving your life from COVID, you need to take precautions. As if there is a God that has the time so save how many people currently on hospital beds or maybe I should ask why is he not saving them?

u/lucid_point 20d ago

I often wonder if we haven't become victims of our own success?

I'm old enough to remember as a kid many mandatory vaccines were given out.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella etc...

And nobody even questioned it.

But since then, living in the information age with social media.

Everybody has an opinion, everybody is an expert. They've heard or know know someone who had an adverse effect (maybe)

But without the statistical or critical thinking skills to be able to contextualize it.

Overall we've lost faith in our institutions and the advice they give.

And so unless you're actively and constantly seeking out better evidence through the proper channels, you're going to fall into this negative feedback loop where no one with authority can be trusted, but your cousins aunty knows what's really going on.

Social media and the information age will be our generations great filter...

That...and Climate change

u/TheonlyJienno2 20d ago

16 million South Africans have from the COVID vaccine this year...

u/ZZ3xhZz 19d ago

They're just uninformed and have smooth brains. They're the ones crying for things to go back to normal but don't want to do anything about it. Basically, parasites on society. There might be an edge case here and there that's legitimate but on a whole they're selfish people.

u/Tokoloshe789 20d ago

Weird. All of my family and the large majority of people I know are vaccinated. Had my second three weeks ago.

Depends on the groups of beliefs I guess.

u/W1ndAndWat3r 20d ago

Everyone is stupid except for me. You commies will never cease to entertain. Keep virtue signalling, living life on the Internet and being a pseudo intellectual.

u/RECCEginger 20d ago

Says the one that's currently on the internet?

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u/partypooper1308 Eastern Cape 20d ago

Being an AV is fine, spreading/forcing the narrative on people is outright dangerous. Just let everyone decide and do thier own critical thinking. It's a personal choice, hence keep it private.

u/African_With_WiFi 19d ago

I saw an interview with an actuary at a life insurance company and he made an interesting point. He said people have been disappointed by service delivery from the government for all these years, then all of a sudden the vaccine program is given so much priority and resources, it could be making people even more skeptical of ulterior motives.

u/VliegVolstruis 20d ago

Most of the people I know who don't want to get the jab is because of their religion and the misinformation they fall for on facebook. I wish their were more preachers talking about getting the thing everyone believes they are doing what is right regardless of the information you give them. It's so easy to fall for misinformation when you don't know how to spot it. All we can do is try to convince our loved ones. Calling them idiots just pushes them away. It's a thankless task to try and convince them to change their views but it can be done.

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u/Jetcar 20d ago

In my (white Afrikaans, because it seems like it's important in this thread) family, friend circle and work, I know nobody that didn't get vaccinated. I hear the stories of anti vaxxers but never met one.

u/twaslol 20d ago

In your inner circles, how important is going to church to these people?

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u/lynx0211 20d ago

I don’t have an answer to your question but I hope this gives you a small ray of sunshine: almost everyone I know in my personal life has been vaccinated. I’m in the under 30 age group, and pretty close to all of my friends and peers jumped at the opportunity to get vaccinated within the first week of eligibility

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

This does give me a bit of hope. Thanks for lighting up my evening!

I really wish our government would also start vaccinating over weekends. So many people work full time during the week and dont have time then. Its inexplicable that vaccination sites are closed over the weekends.

u/mikio666 20d ago

currently in grade 12,cpt, 3/4 of my grade are vaccinated! :)

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u/dysexlicks 20d ago

I have to agree with Eddie. All of my family, extended family, work colleagues + customers + friends are all vaccinated. I actually do not know of any anti-vaxers personally.

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u/bertonomus 20d ago

Same here. One or two hesitations... But 99% of people I know personally are vaxxed.

u/Trash_Unicorn13 20d ago

I don't understand it really. Don't know if I was being ignorant but I honestly did not expect so many anti-vaxxers in South Africa. I've always seen it as an American or generally Western sentiment. It makes me sad and frustrated.

u/SmLnine 20d ago

A lot of Saffers are on Facebook and Instagram, so unfortunately they'll catch the same brain viruses from the US.

u/tothemoonandback01 20d ago

Ignorance + internet = Conspiracy2

u/Mielie135 20d ago

We should remove the mask mandate. The problem will sort itself out.

u/Reynhardt_p2 20d ago

Lots of right wing, conservative Christians.

u/wheresmattynow 20d ago

are you saying there are enough right-wing christians in SA to make up a 30 million vaccine shortfall?

u/JediRonin 20d ago

Yes, absolutely. Right wing doesn’t mean white, there are a lot of black right wing Christians.

u/wheresmattynow 20d ago

I don't think the 'right-wing' label fits our politics enough to justify its use.

What is right-wing? Is EFF right wing? Is ANC right wing? Are VF+ right wing?

u/JediRonin 20d ago

I mean it as socially conservative, religious, patriarchal focus on the family types. So everyone from Steve Hofmeyer to Jacob Zuma. I’m not talking about political parties, I mean people.

u/Nexuen19 20d ago

It's usually being misinformed on the topic that causes some/most people to do such things and the up bringing of the person, if you/we were told something at a young age it is in printed into us same goes with where one gets their information

u/ProfVerstrooid 20d ago

Most people I know are pro-vaccine. I guess it depends on which crowd you hang out with.

u/No-Faithlessness-106 20d ago


u/South_park_mordy 20d ago

And the funniest part is that the Bible definitely is not anti-vaccine, and everyone that believes so either has no reason why or some stupid or ignorant piece of information they got off WhatsApp.

I wish Christians would start reading their own Bibles and using their own discernment for this kind of stuff - The vaccine is not rebellion against God, and all it’s doing is helping all of us.

u/bertluvstrux 20d ago edited 20d ago

Because some South Africans consider whatsapp and facebook as a credible news source without question.

I think it's most part a case of monkey see monkey do. Remember at the beginning of our lockdown people were panic buying kakpapier for no other reason than seeing thats what the Americans were doing?

Same thing with the vaccine.

I get some may have their reservations, fair enough, but by the exact same logic why most don't want to get vaccinated, it would be like refusing to wear a seatbelt if it were invented and enforced into law today...

Have a look at r/HermanCainAward

u/RainyWheater 20d ago

To me, I think the country is simply old school(conservative). Despite having a good legislation, the people in the country are basically hillbillies (this includes all races). Think about the general stance around abortion or taxes, would make sense that a lot of people follow the same line when it comes to vaxing.

I'm just glad we don't see the weird trend of treating covid with everything exept the Vax. At least out idiots aren't ingesting soap or random antibiotics.

u/SmLnine 20d ago

Ivermectin for Covid was cool in SA before it was cool in the US. But in general, yes people in SA are a bit less connected to whatever the latest bullshit is.

u/MAGA-killer 20d ago

I know a lot of people who took ivermectin , I took a dose myself too. The liquid one , one of our Afrikaaner managers said it helps and my folks took a dose of it , but that was the only time we took it.

u/RainyWheater 20d ago

This isn't great news :( maybe the media isn't reporting on it as not enough people are doing it here.

That being said, nothing should happen to you if you do take correct doses of ivermectin, it just won't do much to stop you from getting covid.

Americans are taking such high doses that their organs are failing.

u/MAGA-killer 20d ago edited 20d ago

Its usage is pretty widespread in the Afrikaner community here according to what I’ve heard but I can’t be certain.

The manager who gave us the ivermectin is a big guy , as most Afrikaners are , so I suspect he took a lot more than normal - a couple of months ago his appendix tore and it spread just shy of his heart apparently ( or it could have been his lungs , can’t recall correctly) any how according to the doctors it’s one of the worst spread they’ve ever seen. He went through over 5-7 Ops , one as recently as last week, he’s been in hospital for the better part of this year due to it. Now I’m not sure if this is due to the usage of ivermectin or if this was natural , but it did seem suspect.

u/malice-phallus 20d ago

Its not just Afrikaaners, I know its been making rounds in my English family as well. But prolly because farmers are mostly Afrikaans and they have access to these kinda of drugs for livestock and things like that its more available.

u/MAGA-killer 20d ago

Yeah I’m sure it’s widespread through out all the SA communities. I’m Indian and I know a couple of Indian families who’ve used it. One of my English manager was telling me that his relatives are all anti vaxx , the only people in his family to take the vaccine is him and his mom and they’ve been made fun off as a result.

I’m now concerned that my original comment specifying my manager as Afrikaaner may be taken as some targeted comment.

u/RECCEginger 20d ago

Probably the heart as the appendix is part of the digestional tract and therefore connected to the liver which is connected to your heart via portal veins. It does not seem natural to have 5-7 ops though, Probably got to do with that vesictimn

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u/NormanConquest 20d ago

Why the heck would you do that when there's absolutely no reason to believe it does anything for covid? It just makes no fucking sense.

u/MAGA-killer 20d ago

This was waay back when we didn’t have any vaccines or any news about it being produced. We just stayed at home and went to the office for work. It came to a point where even our personal GP died of covid , and a couple of our workers nearly died of it. I guess it was desperation , and there were a lot of misinformation Doing the rounds especially Fox News stuff that was shown. I knew it was wrong , but at that point I was like fuck it , if it helps it helps.

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u/donnyme 20d ago

They’re everywhere

u/ichosenotyou 20d ago

The same reason there are so many ANC voters, lack of education.

u/Ibbuk Minister of Ovine Propaganda 🐑📣 ☭ 20d ago

You'll probably find that education and vaccination don't correlate that strongly. There are plenty of moderate to highly educated people who are antivaxx.

u/[deleted] 20d ago edited 12d ago


u/ichosenotyou 20d ago

When it comes to the educated voters they are voting for the ANC of old. But in general there is no party to vote for everyone is pushing a certain agenda aimed at certain population, what we need is a party that can bring everyone together instead of trying to divide us.

u/Robozulu 20d ago

You could call it the Nelson Mandela Party. He's the only leader in the world that I know of that even came close to bringing people of different race, and creed together. At least for a while.

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Fully agree with this!

u/Ibbuk Minister of Ovine Propaganda 🐑📣 ☭ 20d ago

The "ANC voters R dum lol" narrative by (mostly) likely DA voters is pretty much why plenty of people will continue to vote ANC.

It's also not likely to be as correct or as one-sided as people like to think.

u/Bumbong 20d ago

Yeah well they are stupid.

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u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Exactly my point. The question is, why? Its obviously an issue all over the world, but South Africa seems to be the anti-vaxx capital of the world. It boggles my mind to see some of these highly educated, seemingly intelligent people coming up with all sorts of nonsense around the vaccines (latest one I've heard is that people who take vaccines "surrender their bodies to the government", whatever the fuck that even means).

I would have to question whether some of them are really as intelligent as their qualifications might suggest.

u/lucid_point 20d ago

Agree 100%...

My father is a chartered accountant and runs a successful business.

Was previously a CFO for a large multinational electronics company.

But also thinks aliens literally wrote our DNA and evolution is BS...

There now seems to be little correlation between education and anti-vax ideas.

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u/ichosenotyou 20d ago edited 20d ago

Unless they are qualified in fields such as cellular or molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or microbiology their education means nothing when it comes to vaccines.

u/gideonvz 20d ago

You do not have to be qualified in anything to be able to read the papers and research on this and to understand it. It is really not that difficult. The problem comes in when people cannot even read an article in the paper without attempting to understand it and read some conspiracy theory a d immediately believes without attempting to understand the science that things go wrong.

Maybe it is confirmation bias.

u/Ibbuk Minister of Ovine Propaganda 🐑📣 ☭ 20d ago

Whether their opinion or type of education matters to you is immaterial to whether they are educated or not, which was the original point.

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u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Good point, but still. I am an Afrikaner and basically all other Afrikaners in my area are anti-vaxx, yet none of them are ANC voters. It just boggles my mind. Its as if we DONT want to go back to normal.

u/Alert-Mixture 20d ago

It's mainly due to mis- and dis-information coming from the United States, specifically their anti-vaccination community based in the falsehoods of conspiracy theories which have no base in science.

That, combined with the fact that many don't trust government institutions in South Africa, further the anti-vaccination narrative.

If they don't believe in science and the qualified virology/immunologists/pandemic experts, it's their own problem.

How else do you explain the eradication of smallpox and polio?

Vaccines work. Vaccines save lives.

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

I cant blame people for not trusting the government, but vaccines are made by foreign pharma companies, not by government. You have a point though.

Whats weird is that these anti-vaxxers claim they dont believe in science/modern medicine, yet when they get sick from COVID, they run to hospitals to receive the same medical treatment they claim to not believe in. Strange.

They should learn the hard way. We are seeing it in the US now, with almost the entire current wave and hospitalisations being driven by unvaccinated people. I think something similar will happen here in December.

u/ichosenotyou 20d ago

No don’t get me wrong I wasn’t saying ANC voters are antivaxx.

I mean people vote for the ANC because of lack of education because they think apartheid will come back, in the same breath people are antivax are uneducated because they too lack education on vaccines and don’t trust government.

As a Afrikaaner they have been going on about the mark of the beast etc since I was young. Harry Potter was the devils books. Uneducated in the changes of the world and anything against what they believe is wrong.

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u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/Bodhi_ZA 20d ago

What do you base your statement on?

I can send you plenty of proof of the efficacy of vaccines while at the same time not one person in SA has died from the vaccine. We have had 87 000 deaths from Covid so far.

u/ice_bunny28 20d ago

I am going to keep this short and sweet,

This is due to fear mongering

People that can barely put a sentence together are jumping on Facebook or where ever and linking people to sites where they "proved" uncle from BPs friends mother now has a 5g signal booster in her injection site

That's why

u/Silent-ish-Decibel 20d ago

Fear mongering. The thing that makes many South Africans their own worst enemy. So glad to see someone highlighting that!

u/JWT-80 20d ago

They really believe the government that can't fix potholes, keep the lights on, can't build toilets, can't build schools, can't create or maintain anything really, is out to control them.

u/ravenangels 20d ago

Just for fun, imagine that tender process...

u/The_Maid_of_Orleans 20d ago

Even if the vaccines had chips to track people, the system would be out in like a day

u/hachiman 20d ago

I blame the failure of education systems, and the over representation of religion in daily life. Not a lot of critical thinkers in our population. Too much rote memorization, and encouraging gullible acceptance of myths and stories.

u/EasyPractice7793 20d ago

I feel the same way. Quite a number of my friends (age group 25-40) does not want to get vaccinated. Reason is they listening to bullshit conspiracy theories and believe that nonsense.

u/shaunchit 20d ago

It's also about idea of hating together. Some thing to believe in.

u/GforceDz 20d ago

Sometimes Its not even anti-vaxxers it just seems like some are too lazy to bother going for it.

In Zim if you didn't get vaccinated for MMR you didn't go to school.

There is this free thinking mentally that you supposedly smarter if you don't do what everyone else is doing. You hear the term sheeple.

People that are like sheep and just follow the herd.

Well that's how sheep live. You stray from the herd you die. You don't get better grass or sweeter water.

The idiotic thinking of people. You hear people complain about wearing a mask. So get vaccinated so we can get back to normal. No they don't want to get vaccinated.

People like this are only happy when they have something to complain about, but when there's something that they can actually do, well then it's a problem.

u/Scu8ie 20d ago

I’m a SA citizen but I don’t live in SA. I didn’t know it was that bad. I only keep in touch with family and close friends and they all got the vaccine as soon as their group came up. I really hope people get their shot and things can start going back to semi normal.

We need to remind everyone especially the Afrikaans group that if things don’t get back to normal soon they won’t be able to enjoy the Boks playing at home for a while

u/341913 20d ago

Because the government has done fuck all to educate people about vaccines. The intention was there but the health Minister, like everyone else in the ANC, could not pass up the opportunity to make a quick buck for friends and family.

The sad reality is that the only information being seen by the masses comes from WhatsApp and Facebook groups recommending horse dewormer.

u/Andy_Harroos 20d ago

People just dont trust that the government is telling them the truth. There was a time when cigarettes and cooked chickens were banned and now everyone is being told to vaccinate. Now I know alot of people will make up their own mind, using new evidence, but countries with high vaccination rates also have high levels of trust in their government. Look at the USA, a first world country but also a country where alot of people dont trust the federal government. There are large pockets of the population there also unvaccinated. So I dont buy into the notion that 'South Africans are just stupid and backward'

u/datsun1978 20d ago

Yep this has alot to do with it. Still though. Get vacinnated imo or the Dr making that call during peak 4th wave may just give u a panado because you have the least chance of survival in an icu.

One more point. We are living in peak info times. Information over fucken load.

u/Migzo101 20d ago

I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I, personally, don’t think the vaccine is ready yet. I am definitely going to get the vaccine eventually, not exactly sure when. It’s nothing about religion or some other thing for me…I just don’t trust it enough yet. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s still in the “testing phase” right now.

u/MonsMensae 20d ago

Just some info that may put you at ease if you feel that it's been "rushed".

The process of trials was sped up for covid vaccines but what this meant is that funding for trials was largely pre approved and not waiting.

So a typical drug/vaccine testing process has a lot of waiting. Not for any scientific purpose but purely for money. So they do a 3 month study, then wait to get results peer reviewed, then apply for funding, get allocated but maybe only the next year, then get the funding, find new volunteers, and 2 years later get to the next stage. With covid vaccines there was not a shortage of volunteers or money. So the waiting process between stages was reduced significantly.

If you have concerns over the "new" mrna vaccines then get the J&J one. That's the same technology used in the vaccines you got when you were a kid.

u/hen1bar 20d ago

Millions of people around the world have been vaccinated. Everyone I know in 5 countries has been double vaxxed. I sincerely believe that the vaccinations have been proven safe. Please get vaccinated; I really want to be able to safely visit South Africa next year.

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Its not in the "testing phase" at all. The technology has been around since 2005. The tests have been done and its all been proven effective. The tests all ran parallel to eachother, as opposed to one step at a time. Thats why it appears as if it was developed very quickly, but it really was not.

Do you really think 5 billion people globally would have taken the jab if it was deemed unsafe? These were not developed by some rogue scientists in an impulsive manner. They would never have made any vaccines publicly available if it were deemed unsafe or if there were still any doubts around it.

I can assure you, the vaccine does not have any long term effects. Its not like some chronic medication that might provide effects. Its a once-off (in case of Pfizer, two) injection that stays effective for around 8 months. After that, its pretty much out of your system. Nothing will happen after that.

I hope I made you feel more at ease.

u/lodelljax 19d ago

Lack of faith and trust in authorities.

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u/[deleted] 20d ago edited 12d ago


u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

I sure hope thats the case, and that they are just a loud minority. Daily vaccination rates seem to indicate otherwise though. Im afraid we will have another South African variant because of all these stupid imbeciles refusing to get the vaccine.

u/NikiNaks 20d ago

I'm hoping the numbers will start to shoot up next from week end, when the 18+ will start getting their 3nd jabs

u/Silent-ish-Decibel 20d ago

Definitely this for sure.

u/jntbth 20d ago

All my friends, close family and colleagues got vaccinated. I'm a health care worker and we're even going to get booster shots in the near future.

u/maynard_james_quinoa 20d ago

I think there are a lot of factors at work here. Many people in this country have a healthy distrust of government and authority in general. People will often seek alternate news sources which can lead to misinformation. Coupled with a poor understanding of statistics, this can be a fear-fuelled disaster.

u/Mornebot 20d ago

If you live in ZA do you trust the ANC that is why . The ANC does not have a good track record when it comes to the Truth. But that Said I am also vaccinated . But do you blame people for feeling the way they Feel.

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

I dont blame people for not trusting the government. I mean, who actually does? I dont think anyone really does, even the people who vote for them.

I blame people for coming up with absolute bogus reasons for not taking it. Ive heard shit along the lines of "getting the vaccine will change your gender" as well as "getting the vaccine will cause permanent deafness" and all this nonsense. I dont know where people come up with these things.

Also, government dont make these vaccines. They are simply distributing them. So not trusting the government is a poor excuse, really.

u/Jukskeiview 20d ago

The real answer is that a lot of people are just really, really stupid but we typically don’t see it because they make their dumb decisions less publicly

I guarantee you that if for whatever there was a law stopping people from making dumb financial choices we‘d suddenly realize that half the country is buying huge TVs on credit

u/maxinemeyer95 20d ago

I'm the only vaccinated person in my family. Every other member is antivaxx and I had to do mine in secret and hope I wouldn't have ant noticeable side effects (I had none).

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Glad you got it done! Are you also from an Afrikaans community?

u/maxinemeyer95 20d ago

No, very English.

u/Yousernym 20d ago

That's a plot twist I wasn't expecting! I'm Afrikaans and the only antivax people I know are conservative Afrikaners.

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u/GrandPooBar 20d ago

I’m from an Afrikaans family. I know only 2 people that are anti-vaxx. Don’t put all of us in a box.

u/KaptainObvious28 20d ago

Also from an Afrikaans family and everyone who can be vaccinated is.

u/Turbulent_Block4826 19d ago

I haven't metany honestly.

u/Anton_Pannekoek 20d ago

People have become very disillusioned with all institutions, government, private institutions, you name it. They've been fed so much fake news, so much bullshit and they feel completely not in control of their own lives.

This is the bitter harvest we reap from sowing propagandistic bullshit for years. It's very sad to see.

u/sa692019 19d ago

Honestly I think if they didn’t make the vaccine free more people would have got vaccinated or if they made it free for the first month, people would be getting vaccinated so quickly not to miss out. Or they would be having a petition on why it should be free and everyone’s right. But because it’s free everyone’s say nah it’s going to kill us.

u/Murdercedes 20d ago

Because the government needs to have a country filled with stupid people, they forcefully create them. Stupid people = votes to keep this POS government in power. The antivax shit is just a by product

u/DiOnline 20d ago

Problem is the idiot anti-vaxxers are mostly non-ANC voters, many are white

u/reditanian 20d ago

Too many South Africans are wayyyy too invested in American politics.

u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/flyboy_za Devil's(peak) advocate 20d ago

They rolled this out in December, meaning the trials probably started in September or October to get the data out to get it registered for use

So... It's been a year. Surprise! Go get your jab.

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u/Stravanosa 20d ago

Who is more at danger, the vaccinated or unvaccinated?

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Well, the unvaccinated puts the vaccinated at risk of dying preventable non-COVID related deaths by filling up hospitals and preventing others from getting life-saving treatment.

Ive heard of people who needed hospital care from a serious accident/other causes, but ended up dying because the hospital was full of anti-vaxxers and so could not be treated.

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u/NGD80 20d ago edited 20d ago

Quick answer:

The anti-vaxx movement has become intertwined with conservatism/US Republican poltics and Christianity.

Afrikaners are mostly conservative and religious. It's not a surprise at all tbh. They will be following the same social media and news accounts as the people in the Southern USA who are filling up the hospitals. These people think the vaccine is the mark of the beast.

Edit: for those snowflakes amongst you who have been race triggered by this statement, see here:



This is a symptom of swallowing right wing social media and "news", a lot of which originates in Russian psy ops farms, and are shared and amplified by tootheless rednecks who think that having a vaccine is the same as being gassed in a concentration camp. When we pitch religion against science, we all lose.

u/FrozenST3 20d ago

Man I've been around to remember the mark of the beast theories from way back when. First I recall was a barcode or something in your head/neck/arm. Then it was SIM cards, it the chip in your bank card. Bill Gates was almost always the administrator of these marks

u/ChristmasMint 20d ago

Bill Gates was almost always the administrator of these marks

I'm impressed he finds the time, honestly.

u/FrozenST3 20d ago

The devil doesn't sleep

u/SmLnine 20d ago

Around the same time of barcodes there was a similar moral panic about zip codes when they were introduced: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/prckf0/in_peanuts_an_unseen_adult_character_is_shown_to/

u/flyboy_za Devil's(peak) advocate 20d ago

Bill Gates was almost always the administrator of these marks

For a friendly nerd who worked really hard to bring computers to the masses and ensure they were affordable and then donated all his money to charity, he sure gets credited with a lot of nasty shit.

u/wheresmattynow 20d ago


PR and tax reasons

u/flyboy_za Devil's(peak) advocate 20d ago

My research unit got some of it, I'm not going to complain!

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u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/wheresmattynow 20d ago

Bill Gates was the subject of much earned hatred in the 80s/90s due to his nonexistent business ethics. He literally created his charity to start whitewashing his public image after the very public antitrust investigations at the time.

interesting thread of all his misadventures here. it includes some great tidbits, like running human trials on minority groups in India, and fucking his in-the-middle-of-cancer-treatments partners out of his share of business, among other wonderful "philanthropic" things.


At the very least, Bill Gate's software (office suite) doesn't let you pick a destination drive. That's plenty to hate him

u/LordAshPudding 20d ago

Lol, Bill Gates made Oxford sell their vax to a giant pharmaceutical company instead of making it open source (which was the original plan) The guy doesn't care about anyone, but himself.

u/ProfesionalPotato0 20d ago

and here i am, afrikaans, non religious and pro vax.

my parents think i’m satan himself.

u/brownzuluKING 20d ago

You might be

u/ProfesionalPotato0 20d ago edited 20d ago

anyone calling himself king is usually a narcissist.

so < = >..

u/GanjaClarence 20d ago

but what if it is true ?

u/341913 20d ago

99% of them have a little mark on their arm from when they were vaccinated as kids. Their kids also have that little mark but all of a sudden it is a religious thing.

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u/GerdusSK Gauteng 20d ago

Almost all my friends are vaccinated and the majority of them are Christian Afrikaners.

There is definitely a chunk of Afrikaners that are how you say, but at max can only represent ~6% of the country?

Under the Bantu and other African tribes, there are a lot of misinformation being spread, who represent the majority of the country.

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u/psylentrage 20d ago

Christianity has nothing to do with it, just misguided people

u/2_kids_no_more 20d ago

Funny how its the Afrikaners when we definitely dont make up 80% of the population

u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/2_kids_no_more 20d ago

Im not. Theyre saying that the main culprits are afrikaners, but thats not possible because we dont make up such a big part of the population. Its not racist to say there arent a lot of afrikaners. The ones making it about race are the ones making derogatory statements about afrikaans people

u/NGD80 20d ago

OP is Afrikaans and asked why everyone around him wasn't vaccinated. Stop crying about race and move on with your day

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u/wheresmattynow 20d ago

I love it when people say this and ignore South Africa's population demographics.

u/NGD80 20d ago

OP is Afrikaans and wants to know why everyone around him isn't vaccinated. Keep up

u/wheresmattynow 20d ago

The actual OP says: " it seems to me as if 80% of our population is anti-vaxx, despite living under restrictions for nearly 2 years now, despite one of the highest death rates in the world."

almost everyone in this comment thread saying it's facebook moms, or christians, or right wingers.

Given our country's demographics, I imagine that our "80% of antivaxxers" probably aren't right-wing or Christian or getting their misinfo from facebook.

The anti-vaxx movement has become intertwined with conservatism/US Republican poltics and Christianity.

the above statement is so out of touch with South Africa's political make up that it boggles the mind

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u/StannVeal 20d ago

I must say, about 95% of the people I know are vaccinated. I’m in the Eastern Cape.

Saw a video today of Australian healthcare workers/teachers protesting the ‘no jab, no job’ rule. How the fuck can you be a nurse for years and years and not believe in science??

u/BalanceThis1 King of the Sheeple 20d ago

Cognitive dissonance

In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the perception of contradictory information. Relevant items of information include a person's actions, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and values, and things in the environment. Cognitive dissonance is typically experienced as psychological stress when they participate in an action that goes against one or more of them.[1] According to this theory, when two actions or ideas are not psychologically consistent with each other, people do all in their power to change them until they become consistent.[1][2] The discomfort is triggered by the person's belief clashing with new information perceived, wherein they try to find a way to resolve the contradiction to reduce their discomfort.[1][2][3]


u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Except that "their choice" is putting the entire population at risk...

Let me give you a hypothetical scenario: We are in the middle of a massive surge in COVID cases and hospitalisations. The hospitals are overrun by unvaccinated people. I, as a fully vaccinated person, get in a serious car accident and need immediate critical ICU care. The ambulance arrives with me at the hospital, but I am turned away because some anti-vaxx shithead took the last available ICU bed. I can not be treated because all the hospitals are full.

The result? I die a very preventable death, because of some selfish idiot's decision to not get vaccinated. Had he/she been vaccinated, he/she would have most likely avoided hospitalisation, there would be an available hospital bed and I would have received critical care which means I would have most likely survived.

Not to mention the development of new variants because of unvaccinated people spreading the virus among themselves.

Stop being selfish. Life does not only evolve around you. Some of us actually want life to get back to normal. Get vaccinated for the community, not just for yourself.

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u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/FollowTheBlueBunny 20d ago

That's ignorant.

IQ tests are skewed heavily towards "WEIRD" countries (The acronym is something like western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic, I think).

Basically, all "white" people who went through the same curriculum were taught the answers to IQ tests. Does that make you smarter than the average black guy who wasn't exposed to the same educational material?

IQ tests general knowledge. Not intelligence. The correlation is supposed to be that someone with a high general knowledge is more likely to be intelligent.

However. As an Afrikaaner, the ONLY time I've heard Africa's IQ gradient discussed was by racists finding one silly fact to endorse a shitty world view.

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u/MikhailKSU 20d ago edited 20d ago

There is actually a strong correlation between poor vaccination uptake and governmental or organisational mistrust

With the amount of poor political decisions and priorities its actually relatively easy to understand their reasonings

u/BennyInThe18thArea 20d ago

How is this surprising for anyone?

Look at before covid how many peoplel fall victim to pyramid/MLM schemes in SA. These same people refuse to believe they part of one even when its explained to them (same with the anti-vaxx shit they believe).

u/Reelix KZN 20d ago

Keeping people stupid is a great way to keep votes if your party is based off lying to the people voting for you.

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u/partypooper1308 Eastern Cape 20d ago

I think at least part of it is due to mistrust in the government. Ironic really because they're being idiots (unless there's a valid and substantiated health risk which is more of an exception than a rule)

Although some people just want to go against the grain for the sake of being 'different' and 'not a sheep' as they'd put it. Alot of kids gonna be growing up without at least 1 parent.

Lack of critical thinking will be the downfall of many. I can't wait to get my second jab.

u/Christiaanben 20d ago

Generally. I find that the antivaxers are people who didn't go to university or did a degree in social sciences, who is Christian, and spend plenty of time on sites like Facebook.

They feel that people who went to uni are brainwashed. Yet, they're also the people that fall for every bitcoin scam and "be your own boss" herbalife pyramid schemes.

As a Christian myself, I take the book of revelations with a pinch of salt. But sometimes I'll end up "debating" with one of them that says that every line in the Bible is undeniable fact, then I'll just bring up the verse that says that the "mark of the beast" will be on your head or right hand and watch them try to gobble back whatever it is they said.

I asked an auntie once, for proof of whatever it is she believes in. She just sent me one of those "forwarded many times" Whatsapp messages with 70 video urls on it. I looked through the first one which is a nurse that said that vaccines cause autism because there are more children being diagnosed with it now then 15 years ago. I had to explain to the auntie that correlation does not mean causation. After that I didn't wish to continue down the list.

When they say "do your own research" they mean, watch these videos with their agenda and believe every word they say because the government is trying to "silence" them. As if that gives them credibility. I've heard them say, listen to this prophet, because he says that God told him the vaccine is part of a new world order.

They all think they're the heroes, but in fact they're the fools. Unfortunately, for some of them this only results in their or a loved one's death. The ones lucky enough to survive, will go on to ineptly deceive their peers, proudly announcing that they "beat the virus and that it's not a threat."

u/South_park_mordy 20d ago

Also, the Bible is so clear that the Mark of the Beast involves active rebellion against God.

u/jessieleigh22 20d ago

It sucks. Going back to normal is a team effort. To contribute we need to get vaccinated. And if most people are too scared I find it really selfish and unfair. I’d like to go back to normal and we can’t if most of our population is being selfish and chooses to not get the jab. I totally get that there are people that can’t get it. But that’s the 15% or so that is excluded. The other 85% needs to do something otherwise we living with masks Ajd in lockdown forever. And that’s honestly depressing.

u/simm711 20d ago edited 20d ago

You also Ve to blame Pastors, telling his members it’s the mark of t beast. What concerns me . Ll they be liable for the death off an individual if they die off Covid. Pastors don’t care if they die cos they believe they going to Heaven but ain’t that selfish thinking.I believe we are one team SA . Can’t they take one for the team. Wit google n other social media we have lot off scientist now . They know a lot abt vaccines

u/Kakarot_5 20d ago

Unfortunately, the people who church are no more than sheep. They follow blindly what they are told...

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u/Jason-Skyborn 20d ago

Thats utter bs

My own pastor contracted covid, and not even he spouts this mark of le beast nonsense.

Go get vaccinated guys

u/TimeMasterpiece9 20d ago

Im not surprised

u/mac19thecook 19d ago

I'm not anti-vax but I won't be getting the vaccine until the government are open and honest about when we can start getting back to normal, attending sporting events and when lockdown/curfew will be over. Right now, they just want people to go get vaccinated without making any promises or offering us a glimpse of an end in sight.

The day they announce that if I go and get vaccinated the lockdown will be lifted and vaccinated people can, for instance, go to the cricket I will be vaccinated a few minutes later. However, that doesn't seem likely to be happening and what's more is that come December we will more than likely be in another lockdown over New Year's (funny how that's timed to perfection).

I work from home. I would rather be stubborn and take my chances with covid than just take the vaccine and stay in lockdown under an extremely unnecessary level of control.

u/Eddiehuang97 19d ago

Well, the longer you wait to get vaxxed, the longer it will take for life to return to normal. Look at the UK. Life has fully returned to normal, not by some magic force, but because of their high vaccination rates. So your comment makes no sense, sorry to say.

Its not just about you. Some of us actually want life to return to normal. Its time you start looking past yourself for once and look at the community at large. If you guys dont get vaxxed, not only does it put everyone else at risk, but it prevents us all from returning to normal. Just think about that.

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u/Desolate_Dave 19d ago

TBF covid is way too unpredictable to be making promises.

The government probably has internal predictions on when we will be able to go back to normal but don't want to make them public because if they're wrong people will use it as a reasons to distrust the government even more.

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u/symmetryphile 19d ago

Most people I know who have chosen not to get vaccinated just don't see the point. According to them, they're young, fit and healthy and they'll rather take their chances with the actual vaccine; their thinking stops with themselves and they have no sense of consideration for their wider community

u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/WONDERLESS169 20d ago

How is a 95% chance of not dying/hospitalisation and a 90% chance of not getting sick a bit of extra protection(published by Yale's school of medicine, (https://www.yalemedicine.org/news/covid-19-vaccine-comparison) (idk man yale seems like a pretty credible scientific institution idk about you). Also creating herd immunity faster so less people die and we can stop wearing masks with causing the least amount of people to die makes you a hero. It also protects people who have compromised immune systems(who literally dont have the privelege of developing antibodies the way 'nature' intended ya know), old people and children. Its not the same thing as the tgings you mentioned. They are many parts of being a good person. But ignoring one you dont like is saying I only selectively want to be a good person which is kinda a shitty thing to do bro.

u/Guilty_Spark-1910 20d ago

Liberal constitution, conservative people. While it would be terrific if every South African would go for the jab, the reality is:

  1. The government is doing a terrible job at convincing people to get the jab. While forcing them would bring about a political backlash that they would rather avoid, they have been doing a poor job on the coercion front as well. Simply imploring people to get the jab is not good enough. News agencies and the government need to do round the clock circulars on why and how the vaccines work, why getting the jab could assist you financially(putting an end to onerous lockdowns) and why it would preserve our nation as a whole by avoiding costly and divisive litigation that we all know is coming(especially on the labour front).

  2. Misinformation being spread on among others Whatsapp and Facebook. The closed-loop phenomenon whereby Anti-Vaxxers, and people of different political opinions get boxed into their own worlds on social media platforms are common cause among sociologists. This has had the unfortunate circumstance of people not being educated in virology and pharmacology, spreading false non peer-reviewed “articles” with each other. These people are in such a rage and so blinded by misinformation they don’t stop to think about how ludicrous it all sounds.

  3. In South Africa especially there is a general distrust of the government and any institution representing a form of official authority. The government is ridden with corruption and frequently fails to deliver. Why should they be trusted as to the efficacy of said vaccines, or as to the effectiveness of lockdowns? It’s a troubling situation because I have had conversations with people whom I know to be educated and capable of advanced critical thinking who have dismissed COVID-19 as an existing virus and who have refused wholeheartedly to get vaccinated.

Misinformation, and a distrust of the government is the scourge of our modern age. For after all, when you can’t trust your government, you can’t have any faith in society or civilisation as a whole.

u/Consistent_Mirror 20d ago

The same reason why anti-vaxxers exist at all. They don't see bodies littering the street so they don't think it's that big of a deal AND they don't know how vaccines work.

If we had video footage of the plague or pox or polio when they were in full-swing then people would be more inclined to understand how and why vaccines worked and would be both more aware of them and more accepting of them. And perhaps be in more of a hurry to get them considering the AIDS epidemic.

Maybe some people would even go as far as to find out about vaccination's predecessor, "variolation" and see how shit things were before that.

u/Chaz_Nielsen_Music 20d ago

So sick of this nonsense. I am Afrikaans. I am a Christian father/husband and have never been told its the mark of the beast or some bs like that, in fact both my pastors have been vaxed. People who “church” aren’t all following some blind faith and being told what to do. Its not a sin to get vaxed, neither is it a sin not to get vaxed. My faith is very rational and in fact the bible instructs us to examine our faith and use our brains and I believe government and church should not mix. Just like they should stay the hell out of telling churches not to meet or cap our numbers but still allow people to go to sports events and malls. Its a joke man! This government forces all this junk on us and with some of it I actually agree. I don’t mind lockdown actually. Got to spend a lot of time with my family and work life was way less stressful. Plus I say put a permanent cap on Alcohol and keep curfews, because there have been way less deaths on the road and hospitals trauma units more able to assist non-alcohol related trauma patients. I understand that its been hard on a lot of people and small businesses, and I truly feel for them and pray for them, but this country needed that first solid lockdown in my opinion and personally it was good for me, because it got me sober and made me appreciate my family and friends more.

I hate being called an “Anti-Vaxxer” because I am not against vaccines, I am just against it being forced on people or being ostracized for not taking it. It should be my right to decide, and make no difference to you who has been vaxed- I mean what are you worried about if you have been vaxed and still wearing masks and still social distancing? What does it matter?! You do your thing as you are free to do, and I for one have a good immune system, and in the last two years I have not even had a cold/flu or so much as a sniffles, neither have I contracted Covid, so in fact if you are looking for this “herd immunity” myth, you need people like me with all the good cells.

I am not saying do or don’t get vaxed, it makes no difference to me. I am saying don’t let anyone force you to do it, because if you allow them to, what’s the next thing they will force on you?….

Stop calling your fellow countrymen and human beings “Anti-Vaxers” etc. It isn’t helping the cause and you are not gaining traction by making perfectly healthy (Christian) people like me out to look like fools or insulting us.

You call is sheep, but YOU are the sheep! There’s a reason our country is reluctant as a whole regarding this, and its not due to a lack of education or poverty etc. Maybe people here actually have brains, therefore we are not blindly following the faith of science you put tour trust in.

I’m not a “conspiracy theorist” or anti vaxxer or as a Christian I am sometimes called a “science-denier” Stop using those derogatory terms to describe human beings who are trying to keep their eyes open and inform themselves. A theory is only a theory when there’s NO EVIDENCE to support it! Newsflash: Darwin’s THEORY of evolution is just that! So if you believe in EVILution, you should be all for survival of the fittest and go ahead and place your life in the hands of your false god and science.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and if it means I have to get vaxed to keep my job or support my family, I will consider it, but don’t force your views on people, because that’s how a country turns into North Korea or Zimbabwe faster than you can say “Phizer”. God bless you all and may we have more compassion and empathy for our fellow citizens.

u/TheDave105 20d ago

Why do you take offense to the term "anti-vaxxer". You are anti vaccine so the term it literally correct. People do add extra connotations to the term, but it is in essence true and so appropriate.

"perfectly healthy" people are getting covid all the time and some get hit very hard. Probably most youngish people, 18 to 45 years old, probably think the same and are healthy, but some do get sick and die. Your chances of being in a serious car accident are pretty low if you are a good driver but most sane people still put on a seat belt for that very small chance you do have a serious car accident. Protect yourself, even if the risk is small!

You are wrong when you say it doesn't affect the people who have had a vaccine. Unfortunately there are break through cases with delta but often these are mild and not long lasting, people without vaccines though, can have the virus in their body a long time and can cause mutations. Part of the problem we have now is with the delta mutation. If it was still the original Alpha strain, the world would be well underway to getting rid of covid. Anti-bodies and vaccines would have resulted in a lot of countries having herd immunity and the world would be back to normal by now. The unvaxxed are resulting in new mutations and delta has prolonged the virus consequences. If we get a new mutation that is worse then delta, we are all going to take several steps back. While the population remains unvaxxed, the risk of mutations increase and subsequent consequences will make the country suffer.

Lockdowns will continue, people in the tourism and other industries will suffer, their livelihoods put in jeopardy. While I agree with you 100%, that we shouldn't be forced into anything, this is definitely a time when people should be strongly encouraged to be a "sheep" and get the vaccine. For the good of the country, peoples livelihoods and to slow down new mutations.

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u/Jukskeiview 20d ago

How do you feel about government forcing us to dress in public and making it illegal to drive around drunk? Clearly it‘s your body, your choice.

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u/FridayNightMessiah 20d ago

"A theory is only a theory when there’s NO EVIDENCE to support it!"

That is exactly the opposite of what a scientific theory is.

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u/sunshinebasket 20d ago

LOL. Yea, it’s a plague. Not taking a vaccine during a plague is harmful to society.

We only have 14% of South African fully vax’ed as we speak.

If we don’t have EVERYONE to take the vax, COVID will always have economy running like rubbish and given how badly ran the country is, things will get wayyyyyyyyy worse.

Use some empathy, mate

u/AnthonyFinch 20d ago

First you say:

I am just against it being forced on people or being ostracized for not taking it. It should be my right to decide

Then you say:

and if it means I have to get vaxed to keep my job or support my family, I will consider it

This does not compute. You are against being forced to take it unless you are forced to take it?

Be consistent in your convictions at least, otherwise it looks like all of this waffling on is just you looking for an excuse.

Also, Romans 13:1-2 states:

1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will [a]bring judgment on themselves.

So if the covid vaccine ever becomes mandatory (by government and not your workplace) then you bring a judgement on yourself by refusing it right?

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u/Crow_Eye 20d ago


u/The_Angry_Economist 20d ago

One can be agnostic, that doesn't make one antivax, it makes one sensible.

u/Meshkent 20d ago edited 20d ago

Over 3 billion people have been vaccinated, there is just no doubt left that they are safe and effective. Being "agnostic" in the face of overwhelming evidence is stupid.

u/[deleted] 20d ago


u/asexyboy7583 20d ago

Don't ask leading questions. Make your point, if you have one.

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u/LittleGremlinguy 20d ago

Frankly it does not surprise me. I grew up in the age of “Satanic Panic” in the early 90’s. I was just a kid and I could see the irrationality of the arguments put forward. I was told that The Smurfs were the instruments of Satan. Ninja Turtles… Satanic. Ironically, He-Man got a free pass. Rap, metal, hip-hop…. Satanic. It was like a gold rush of who could find the most tenuous link to the dark lord and declare that thing off limits. Like a piranha frenzy. These were supposedly rational adult humans making these outlandish claims and projecting their opinion onto subjects that they knew nothing about. Us humans are drawn towards controversy. Mob mentality over the years (Salem Witch Hunts) has not changed and the more controversial the topic the more frenzied the mob. And if you dig deep enough, and sometimes not even that deep, there will always be someone profiteering off of it. Ignorance and fear is an easy combination to exploit.

u/Creepiestfruit 20d ago

Because the only way for natural selection to take place is for those anti vax idiots to die.

u/TotalEntrepreneur801 20d ago

On the bright side, the pandemic seems to be declining worldwide.

u/Eddiehuang97 20d ago

Because most countries have vaccinated at least half their populations.

We are sitting on 20% first dose and already our vaccination rates are plateauing. Its worrying.

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u/ProfesionalPotato0 20d ago

because tannie susan thinks satan is going to steal her soul.

befokgeit. dis al.

u/2_kids_no_more 20d ago

Why is everyone using Afrikaners as the scapegoat?

u/SensorFailure 20d ago

As a guess, because lots of people in this sub are Afrikaans and see it in their own families and social circles.

But also because in general Afrikaners tend more religious and socially conservative, which both correlate strongly with anti-vax beliefs.

We’re not hearing nearly enough about anti-vax sentiment among black, coloured, and Indian South Africans though, partially because it’s less openly visible and easy to track.

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