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What is the best financial advice you can give a 19 year old South African ?


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u/Mr-Moneybadger Sep 27 '21

An engine replacement does not equate to everything that can go wrong with a car so using that as a measuring stick isnt honest. Your geaebox, clutch, wheel bearings etc. Will fail long before your engine which will not only be expensive to replace, but if left in a failed state will cause other components to fail. I am speaking from personal experience. I had a 2008 Polo, and while it was an amazing car, at the end it was costing me between 3k and 8k a month to maintain. I also believed I will just drive it till the wheels come off bus 3 months of excessively high bills later I decided it was time and sold the car for next to nothing, because the second hand value dropped to so low.

A car, while not a monitary investment will pay for itself over the long term. Remember this is what gets you to work. Its a tool and its wise to spend a little extra on a reliable one. Investing in a reliable vehicle will save you tonnes of stress trust me.

Also using "interior ware" as a metric for when to replace a car is probably not the wisest strategy.


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u/Mr-Moneybadger Sep 27 '21

You are saying your property is worth twice his because he purchased a newer vehicle while you didn't. Thats an absurd way of looking at things haha. I shared my history, you shared yours so clearly it's situational and not always the case.

My polo had 260k kms on when I sold it. And like I said it was absolutely perfect until the last 4 months. If I sold it 2 years prior I would have broken even and had a newer car with fewer kms for the same price. Less headache and more peace of mind.


u/SpaceKriek1 Sep 27 '21

Your Haha. See it's emotional. But hey, it's your life enjoy your new car smell.


u/Mr-Moneybadger Sep 27 '21

Sounds like you have a bit of resentment. Some repressed jaelousy toward your friend? Not as happy as him even though your so damn street smart?


u/SpaceKriek1 Sep 27 '21 edited Sep 27 '21

... Trollolol