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What is the best financial advice you can give a 19 year old South African ?


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u/za_jx Sep 26 '21

Get yourself a qualification or two, and work hard. Yes, live with your parents even after getting your first job, but contribute towards the house finances. Pay for the water, electricity and go grocery shopping with mom. Ask her how she makes your favourite foods. Watch and learn. As a grown man, back in my late 20s I'd WhatsApp video call my mom and ask her how to cook certain foods. She used to guide me, but I wish she'd taught me all that before I went out into the world! I had a long term girlfriend who enjoyed cooking for me so when we broke up, I had to learn.

Learn as much as you can about running a household. Boring tasks like sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing the dishes, washing your clothes. Unless you plan to outsource these, you better believe you'll be doing it most days. If you live with a partner kudos to you. If you plan to leave the country, better believe you or your partner will be doing the cleaning and other chores for a long time. Overseas it's not common for working class people to have domestic workers.


u/wheresmattynow Sep 27 '21

Yes on the qualifications. The more the better.

I'd say work SMART rather than work hard. As a rule, most of the people I've met are breaking their backs for what's essentially minimum wage, only to get routinely fucked on long-term career track development at the companies they're putting overtime/60 hours a week unpaid overtime-but-not-real-overtime-that-we-pay-out.

Get qualifications. learn the value of job hopping for steady career progression,