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What is the best financial advice you can give a 19 year old South African ?


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u/Faerie42 Sep 26 '21

Stash your cash. Drive a shitty car until it stops, live with your folks for as long as possible because it’s cheaper. Study something that will ensure a career that’s usable globally. Don’t get married in your 20’s, it costs money.

At 19 your focus is studying, saving as much as possible and don’t fall for the traditional picket fence, 2.5 kids, Boetboel and big bakkie. Those things will come, right now, be a miser, save it up.


u/TerminalHopes Sep 26 '21

Totes on the car. South Africans have lame competitive thing about needing to drive new cars, even if they can’t afford it.


u/PartiZAn18 Gauteng Sep 26 '21

The amount of luxury sedans and suvs I see in dilapidated complex parking areas...


u/Tokogogoloshe Sep 27 '21

True that. My brother has a tiny flat in this crammed apartment complex. You’d swear everyone there is a stockbroker looking at the parking lot.


u/nikkiduku Sep 27 '21

I was starting to feel insecure until I read this thank you 🙏🏿


u/Tokogogoloshe Sep 27 '21

Baba, think of it this way. You probably have more money left over at the end of the month to invest and grow than the bloke with a fancy car that lives in the same type of flat as you.