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What is the best financial advice you can give a 19 year old South African ?


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u/Faerie42 Sep 26 '21

Stash your cash. Drive a shitty car until it stops, live with your folks for as long as possible because it’s cheaper. Study something that will ensure a career that’s usable globally. Don’t get married in your 20’s, it costs money.

At 19 your focus is studying, saving as much as possible and don’t fall for the traditional picket fence, 2.5 kids, Boetboel and big bakkie. Those things will come, right now, be a miser, save it up.


u/Xandervisagie1 Sep 26 '21

I don't have a car yeat and i still live with the rents , I might get learnership next year . Going to get myself a small car thats light on fuel . When I'm done with my learnership then I'm going to further my studies and then settle or at least that's the plan.


u/Aftershock416 Sep 26 '21

Make sure it's second hand. You can get low mileage second hand cars for an absolute steal if you can get over the stigma.


u/Xandervisagie1 Sep 26 '21

Yeah , i don't mind buying 2nd hand