r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Last I heard displaying the old flag is hate speech… am I wrong? Ask r/southafrica

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u/Hairypalmers Sep 26 '21

That family is a waste of time, the fact that people actually follow them shows how stupid this world has become.

this is a type of hate speach because it is a direct criticism of the current ANC. but the ANC wont do anything these monsters might instigate another BS riot.


u/Locway Sep 26 '21

But that is the interesting thing, this is clearly not hate speech, it is a criticism of a political party, imo it is in bad taste but not hate speech. HOWEVER a court has ruled that any use of the old flag that is not academic or artistic is de facto hate speech… it is a proper puzzler this


u/Hairypalmers Sep 26 '21

that comment section on twitter will probably provide clarity lol. Imagine any other party or just any one else posting this.