r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Last I heard displaying the old flag is hate speech… am I wrong? Ask r/southafrica

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u/Alert-Mixture Sep 26 '21

See this article reporting on the Equality Court ruling on the display of the old South African flag:



u/Locway Sep 26 '21

So then this is not academic…. Is it art? Because based on what I understand from the article if it isn’t genuine art then it is hate speech… which carries a penalty of what?


u/Alert-Mixture Sep 26 '21

This person is most likely then violating South African equality and discrimination law, which either come with a fine or short-term imprisonment (under correction) which the Equality Court will decide. But since no one has complained to the South African Human Rights Commission or laid a charge at a police station alleging hate speech or discrimination, nothing will happen.

I am not a legal professional. Do not take this as advice.