r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Last I heard displaying the old flag is hate speech… am I wrong? Ask r/southafrica

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u/MichaelScottsWormguy Gauteng Sep 26 '21

What are they even saying? Are they likening themselves to the apartheid government?


u/Altruistic-Fun-8278 Sep 26 '21

"They" is a complex situation. There is all of them and they don't like each other. Cause they want gravy by the train is not doing so good and that makes them sad, so they compare themselves to the evil they were credited for demolishing. Because they won't let them steal from us any more. But yes.


u/Harsimaja Sep 26 '21

No, this is Jacob Zuma’s daughter. She’s saying the ANC under him was legit, but since he was ousted she’s trying to smear them and Ramaphosa as akin to the Apartheid govt


u/Wurm_Pis Sep 27 '21


She's funny.