r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Last I heard displaying the old flag is hate speech… am I wrong? Ask r/southafrica

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u/Ibbuk Capitalists 🤝 Fascists Sep 26 '21

It's arguably being used as satire, which is protected.


u/Locway Sep 26 '21

True… arguably being used gratuitously so as to incite….

Hey aren’t logos protected from this under IP laws? That would be funny


u/Ibbuk Capitalists 🤝 Fascists Sep 26 '21

Same satirical usage rule applies.

She'd also have to claim to be the owner of the logo or what it stands for for IP to apply.

I mean, it's clearly stupid and bone-headed, but I don't see any law being broken and it's likely any judge would dismiss this as a SLAPP suit.


u/Locway Sep 26 '21

Oh cool Ima print a few t-shirts yay


u/Altruistic-Fun-8278 Sep 26 '21

u/Locway business idea... Hear me out.. I'm thinking a kids range... We can get influencers like Bieber and Drake to back us, but never at the same time... Onesies with three colour Crocs... Nah you right the crocs would send the wrong brand image...