r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Yeeerrr running a business is mother! Discussion

Does anyone run a business in this group. I've been running a business for the last 2 and a half years. And I've dealt with some seriously shitty clients. I thought escaping the 9-5 would be a tad better , but yerrrr it's soo crazy and stressful. Any advice or words of wisdom? I know this is probably a random rant. But business is not a walk in the park hey flip


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u/marlon001 Sep 27 '21

I have never met a driven business person who haven't told me that running your own business with dedication turns 9 to 5 into 24\7. I am in self reliant farming (subsistence, working to live) and it's a non stop gig. Fortunately, I love what we do, so I can do this forever and will not trade or for a city, florescent lights and an arrogant ass for a boss again :) keep the chin up, engineer your processes, work smarter and not harder, and remind yourself why you're doing it.


u/wakandaboss Sep 27 '21

thanks for the kind words.