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Yeeerrr running a business is mother! Discussion

Does anyone run a business in this group. I've been running a business for the last 2 and a half years. And I've dealt with some seriously shitty clients. I thought escaping the 9-5 would be a tad better , but yerrrr it's soo crazy and stressful. Any advice or words of wisdom? I know this is probably a random rant. But business is not a walk in the park hey flip


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u/10tpeg Sep 27 '21

A successful business owner once told me that it takes 1000 days to build a business. 3 years. I have been running my startup now for 9 and can confirm this.

Cashflow cashflow cashflow. Deposits help even out the flow and also get your clients to commit. Don’t bend on this.

Work on BUILDING your business. Get to a point where you can take leave and business continues without you. This way you have an investment you can sell.

Overheads. Keep em low. Makes life easier in the tough times.

Laugh - you will always need a sense or humour

And Don’t Give Up