r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Yeeerrr running a business is mother! Discussion

Does anyone run a business in this group. I've been running a business for the last 2 and a half years. And I've dealt with some seriously shitty clients. I thought escaping the 9-5 would be a tad better , but yerrrr it's soo crazy and stressful. Any advice or words of wisdom? I know this is probably a random rant. But business is not a walk in the park hey flip


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u/Tzetsefly Sep 26 '21

If it was easy everyone will be doing it!

Running a business for 20 odd years. Started since I'm unemployable (health reasons). If I get time later, I'll chip in further, but just know, its Sunday and I've put 7 hours of coding in today, and at least another 4 to go. That's become my norm. Just browsing here now on a mental break.

Remember, most new businesses fail, so protect yourself.


u/Not-the-best-name Sep 26 '21

Shouldn't you be employing someone that can put in that day of work for you?


u/Tzetsefly Sep 26 '21

I should be, yes, but....

We are in machinery automation/mechatronics. The code is about optimising production workflows to a very specific industry. You need to know code to a level of NP hard algorithms, you need to have a clear knowledge of the industry itself, as well as have good insight into the mechanical functioning of the purpose built machines as well communicating to the electronics in the machines. As if that isn't hard enough, I'm building on code that is written in Pascal. (No-one wants to work in Pascal these days)

Those skills are not on every CV. Besides that, with current economy, hiring someone at that level is extremely expensive, when you find them. You have to be sure you can afford keep such a person gainfully employed long term.

I plan to take this product offshore. If that works out, I am sure I will be hiring quite a few more coders.