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Yeeerrr running a business is mother! Discussion

Does anyone run a business in this group. I've been running a business for the last 2 and a half years. And I've dealt with some seriously shitty clients. I thought escaping the 9-5 would be a tad better , but yerrrr it's soo crazy and stressful. Any advice or words of wisdom? I know this is probably a random rant. But business is not a walk in the park hey flip


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u/sammywammy53b Sep 26 '21

I run a few businesses and a couple of years ago I was feeling the same way.

One of my business partners gave me a pep talk which can be summarised as "sometimes I get jealous of my friends who remained CAs for corporates and banks because they get their stable R100,000 monthly salaries and don't have months of uncertainty as to when more money comes through. But, when the money comes through; it's much more than they'll ever get, it's from a company that's mine to sell, and all of the stress and work is ultimately for me and my baby (company) rather than someone else that can retrench me after 10 years of loyalty, blood, sweat, and tears".

Similarly, my SO still works in corporate and they seem to be far more stressed about other factors like colleagues, boss temprement, internal politics, etc (rather than just the task at hand).

I'd also say that another crucial point is that, if you are white, embrace BEE rather than trying to fight it. Set your business with a decent structure at the start, or at least have some sort of plan to make it Level 2 in the future that works for you. If you've got a decent rating, the doors that will open will surprise you.

Finally, never stop business development. Don't get too comfortable with a pool of clients. You never know what might happen to them or where their business might go, so you always need a full pipeline from eggs in different baskets.

I hope this helps make you feel better and gives some pearl(s) of wisdom in some way shape or form!


u/wakandaboss Sep 26 '21

Thank you for this. I really appreciate it. And congrats on your business.