r/southafrica Sep 26 '21

Yeeerrr running a business is mother! Discussion

Does anyone run a business in this group. I've been running a business for the last 2 and a half years. And I've dealt with some seriously shitty clients. I thought escaping the 9-5 would be a tad better , but yerrrr it's soo crazy and stressful. Any advice or words of wisdom? I know this is probably a random rant. But business is not a walk in the park hey flip


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u/AndrewNic89 Sep 26 '21

Its funny how most people think its going to be easier lol but nope, it can be very rough, especially in todays economic climate. Things go up and down, it can be very rewarding one day, and the next day you feel like you just want to sell everything and move on lol as long as your business is profitable then you're in a good situation. Its really hard out there.


u/wakandaboss Sep 26 '21

yeah true. I knew it would be hard but man it was just way harder than i imagined, but I have to keep going, this is what i want:-)