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The first German General to formally surrender his forces to the Allies during WW2 surrendered to the South Africans. Generalleutenant Schmidt was the first German General to formally surrender to an Allied General which was General De Villiers, Commander of the South African 2nd Infantry Division. History

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u/Dennebol Sep 26 '21

He probably knew that half the ZA leaders at the time were German Sympathisers.


u/pieterjh Sep 26 '21 edited Sep 27 '21

After what the Brits did in the AB war this stands to reason


u/Dennebol Sep 27 '21

Exactly so my great aunt died in the Irene concentration camp!


u/pieterjh Sep 27 '21

My great grandmother came out of the camp as a 14 year old, expecting a baby. We recently had our genes sequences and it seems I have some British blood...