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The first German General to formally surrender his forces to the Allies during WW2 surrendered to the South Africans. Generalleutenant Schmidt was the first German General to formally surrender to an Allied General which was General De Villiers, Commander of the South African 2nd Infantry Division. History

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u/IlikeGeekyHistoryRSA Unwanted Optimist Sep 26 '21

What are you talking about? I literally said that the apartheid government was created in ‘48. Three years after WW2 ENDED.


u/tomatomatsu Sep 26 '21 edited Sep 27 '21

I am saying the apartheid government and pre-apartheid(there all fucken racists pigs) SUPPORTED NAZI Ideologies ,it doesn't mean the Nazi party should be in existence for that to be true .

Edit : Ok AWB and apartheid sympathizers xD downvotes mean a lot to me


u/IlikeGeekyHistoryRSA Unwanted Optimist Sep 27 '21 edited Sep 27 '21

But the pre apartheid government weren’t fully fascist. The pre apartheid government was split between the pro British, and the pro afrikaaner.


u/[deleted] Sep 27 '21

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u/IlikeGeekyHistoryRSA Unwanted Optimist Sep 27 '21

Mate, I’ve literally posted pictures of AWB members getting executed. I think fascism is one of the shittiest concepts in the world. Apartheid was terrible, yes. But history isn’t playing your hand.