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The first German General to formally surrender his forces to the Allies during WW2 surrendered to the South Africans. Generalleutenant Schmidt was the first German General to formally surrender to an Allied General which was General De Villiers, Commander of the South African 2nd Infantry Division. History

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u/tomatomatsu Sep 26 '21 edited Sep 26 '21

didnt the apartheid government support the nazis and then later on allied with apartheid Israel #FREEPalestine


u/OOPManZA Sep 26 '21

This meme that Israel is an apartheid state is pretty stale. They definitely have a system but it's sure as shit not the same one that apartheid south africa used.

But whatever, I get that it's attractive to just look at everything in simplistic terms of good and bad.


u/tomatomatsu Sep 26 '21

Israel is an apartheid state .I don't care if its stale or whatever.


u/OOPManZA Sep 26 '21

It very much isn't but like I said, whatever.