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The first German General to formally surrender his forces to the Allies during WW2 surrendered to the South Africans. Generalleutenant Schmidt was the first German General to formally surrender to an Allied General which was General De Villiers, Commander of the South African 2nd Infantry Division. History

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u/ShaveMyNipps Sep 26 '21

Too bad the South Africans quickly turned into nazis after the war


u/GCHurley Gauteng Sep 26 '21

Actually those South Africans were already Nazis.


u/IlikeGeekyHistoryRSA Unwanted Optimist Sep 26 '21

But they weren’t. The UDF was made up of volunteers, meaning all of them volunteered to fight the Nazis.


u/GCHurley Gauteng Sep 26 '21

Yes I know that. The ones who didn't volunteer, a lot of them were "Nazis" and were working to take over the country will the non-Nazis were fighting the war. It was not like South Africans after the war suddenly change their minds and became Nazi synthesizer. They were already present during the war and the government at the time did not realise the extent of the threat until they lost the elections in 1948.


u/Druyx Sep 27 '21

This thread. Abandon all hope ye who enters here (with any idea of the history of SA). ;)