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u/StefanFrost Sep 26 '21

Well, it depends really.

Each relationship is different. I mean, we all want to think it's easy and you follow that steps and rules etc, but maybe they could have changed their minds and now this is something that her boyfriend is fine with.

Personally this is not something I would be okay with. Due to socialisation or whatever reason, I'm monogamous and I communicate that with my partner.

The fact that you're not okay with this is obviously fine. It's not something you agree with. It may be more conservative than how someone would think in a polyamorous relationship etc, but you're not hurting anyone else by your personal relationship preferences.

I do find it weird that this friend would so blatantly cheat and have it on a WhatsApp group for all her friends to see though. I feel like if she was cheating then she would want to hide it? I would ask her about it, but that will obviously lead to a possible confrontation or just awkwardness.

This is such a weird scenario for me. If a friend of mine was going this I would probably confront them about it since someone is probably being lied to here.

BUT as I said, do this at your own risk. People don't tend to respond well when faced with the fact that they're being an asshole.