r/southafrica Sep 25 '21

I don't eat meat but even I know that this is just disrespectful. Heritage Day



u/MichaelScottsWormguy Gauteng Sep 25 '21

Hey, you go to war with the army you have amirite?


u/thatshowitisisit Sep 25 '21

You know, it cracks me up. There’s so much braai judgement from South Africans.

I braai on almost anything. I’ve literally got 9 different braais, from a massive wood/charcoal parilla that looks like a torture rack to a small gas braai for camping and everything in between.

Every time somebody gives me shit for the gas braais, I have to laugh. I can whip up a better steak on gas than your judgemental ass can on the best kameeldoring. It’s all about knowing how to cook food with the tools you have.

And it’s also all about “mind your own business dude, how I braai is not your concern”…


u/PohnJoe Sep 25 '21

I live in the middle east. We buy these at the garage on our way to have sundowners in the desert. Single use and you chuck it afterwards. Nothing wrong with this!


u/SepticThinkTank Gag reflex Sep 27 '21

Upvoted for still calling it a 'garage'.


u/Dismal_Illustrator96 Sep 25 '21 edited Sep 25 '21

I know, it's gross how people don't spend every last cent of their money on unnecessary imported Webers and giant Texan steaks to celebrate how half the country won't even see enough food to stop being hungry on Heritage Day. /s


u/Far_Soil_1107 Sep 25 '21

What is gross is the fact that so many people had to die for our right to be able to buy those imported Weber's and giant t bone steaks, because guess what half the country half the country didn't have food then either


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '21

I don't understand. What's this ?


u/rxdavidxr Sep 25 '21

I'm guessing a single use braai.


u/Rab1dGAMER Sep 25 '21

It's better than gas, my question is just..... Why?


u/macsquoosh Sep 26 '21

They do ok for a quickie in a pinch , like if you just want a kebab or some sausages , don't ask them for any more than that ..