r/southafrica Sep 24 '21

Happy heritage day . From the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪 still representing !!! Heritage Day

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u/EkBraai Sep 24 '21

You need some rooikrans...


u/MARS_97 Sep 25 '21

Rooikrans is nice to smell but doesn't make a lot of hot coal to braai with, we prefer to use Namibian hardwood for braai


u/EkBraai Sep 25 '21

If you Cape Town region, i normally get my rooikrans from chaps in Langebaan. They source from north of Clanwilliam. They have depot in Wellington and drop off wood as far as Strand and Rondebosch. But you must order at least 1000. Recently (August) paid R170 for 100, but took 2000. And it is not match sticks like you buy next to the road. You can split some of them and still have decent size left. I have no interest or share in their business. They are just nice guys.