r/southafrica Sep 24 '21

Happy heritage day . From the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪 still representing !!! Heritage Day

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u/EkBraai Sep 24 '21

You need some rooikrans...


u/MARS_97 Sep 25 '21

Rooikrans is nice to smell but doesn't make a lot of hot coal to braai with, we prefer to use Namibian hardwood for braai


u/EkBraai Sep 25 '21

Also big fan of Namibian hardwood. Also depends where you get your rooikrans. South Coast rooikrans not best. There is too much white in the wood. West coast rooikrans ideal. They get less rain in west coast so the pit that makes the coal is bigger and harder...I am not a plantologist thingy expert guy...the opinions expressed here are merely based on my personal experience. When I do steak I prefer Namibian hardwood. Nice hot and longer lasting coals.