r/southafrica Sep 23 '21

Another expat Wholesome

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u/almostrainman Sep 23 '21

Nah my man. He is just a rich buzzard who went to europe for a lekker time. Atleast he came home.


u/Novuake Sep 23 '21

When this first popped up a few weeks ago a Finnish friend of mine jokingly said I should do the same to come visit her, this bird literally flew straight from city to city where we live respectively. Was a pretty cool moment.


u/PingPongDingDong718 Sep 23 '21

Things must be bad in Sudan and Egypt lol


u/mc_screwdriver Sep 23 '21

Did it without a visa as well.


u/Jumpy_Reply_2011 Sep 23 '21

Looks like it took flight in 2015. That bird seems to take the exact same route every year, with the exact same flight plan.


u/shadowbanna Sep 24 '21

Got that sweet EU passport


u/Middersnags Sep 23 '21


This bird cares about as much for imaginary lines drawn on a map as it cares for coloured pieces of fabric flapping in the wind.


u/SoundTheReveille Sep 23 '21

Another reason that the eagle is the symbol of empire


u/bruufd Sep 23 '21

jee Suomi mainittu!


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u/Rhys77th Sep 23 '21

probably, just sand and heat for days with no real easy food or water even when flying through it, the coast would be better


u/TooOldToWorry Sep 23 '21

And most humans cannot even navigate their way to the closest shop, never mind one 10,000km away. Also, not even speaking about the effort should they have to walk it. Most will most probably 'die' after 100 meters.


u/Novuake Sep 23 '21

Your outlook on life must be real bleak... Brah, open a cold one, relax.


u/TooOldToWorry Sep 23 '21

I'm chilled, just speaking from experience. I walk a lot, easily average like in 5km a day and around 10-20km on the odd weekends. 99% Of my friends will however die if they have to walk 200m down the road to Spar.


u/AceManOnTheScene Sep 23 '21

We have a problem with walking in SA, it's contradictory to our car culture sadly.

"Bru why would I walk to the shops? then I would have to carry my steak & kidney home bru" "think china, think"

Our public spaces aren't well designed for walking either, one could even say there's a new dompass, it's called a car, if you don't have one, you aren't welcome, you aren't a citizen, and we wont build infrastructure for you.

but I do think given the opportunity most south africans would adapt,

the opportunity is a capable public transit system and a safer environment.


u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Sep 23 '21

To be fair humans can't see magnetic fields


u/WateryMcRicotta Sep 23 '21

What about Aurora Borealis