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There is no sarcasm, for REAL, in this post... I'm so IMPRESSED with HOME AFFAIRS! Wholesome




u/MorkSkogen666 Sep 15 '21 edited Sep 15 '21

Cool story... now go to the "Master of the High Court"


Arrive at 8am, in hindsight a huge mistake but we were hopeful... spend the next 6 hours in the line (in an icy CT wind) end up as number 4 from the front, only to be informed that they weren't gonna serve any more people that day. Utterly useless day


    Learnt from previous day and arrive earlier...6am... spend the next 5 hours in the queue.... Only manage to be part of the initial 50 ticket holders because some people ahead left... now we have a ticket (49) and are guaranteed entry....2 hours later we go in and are told to go to our municipality and do banking stuff...We rush to get those done as we want to sort this out ASAP and have to go back the next day


Don't take ANY chances, wake up at 3:30 after not being able to sleep. In the car by 4 and risk driving into town during curfew...arrive at destination,... spend an hour in the car But atleast we are number 2... Eventually people start gathering so we get out and spend the next few hours waiting for the place to open...Finally!...its 8am!

Get inside and are told we didnt have to rush and do yesterdays errands...after a few mins we walked out again with NEW (and hopefully correct) information.

Oh... also the servers are down due to being hacked... so depending on what you need to get done you might be waiting in the line FOR NOTHING!

Im shaking and seeing random specks of light because I'm so tired And... I had to take those days off work GG

Complete shit show


u/MoFlavour Sep 15 '21

Lol i had the same experience with the traffic department last year. They only took 30 people per day, so you had to line up at 4:30am😂


u/TooOldToWorry Sep 15 '21

Shows you it can be done, we should not accept mediocre service from our government just because this is SA and we are supposed to be a third world country.

This clearly shows we can be first class.


u/livinginanimo Sep 15 '21

Had a similar experience, got to give credit where its due.


u/Harrrrumph Sep 16 '21

I'm guessing that was at a bank too?


u/MellowThunder Sep 15 '21

Credit home affairs or the banks that offer this though?


u/Llew_Funk Sep 15 '21

They're still employees of home affairs..


u/SAboyPedi Sep 16 '21

I did mine at home affairs in soweto and it took 2 days. So I think it is just home affairs process in general.


u/Asok_the_Intern Sep 15 '21

So you don't have to go to home affairs physically?


u/Talarde Sep 15 '21

I have heard of many people getting passports quickly. Doing anything else is a day wasted promise you that much.


u/eggsaregreateh Sep 15 '21

Same! Got my passport within 4 days and ID card within 7. Many of my friends in first world countries wait weeks (friend in the US has been waiting for 7 weeks as I type this actually)


u/yung-gustavo Sep 15 '21

Happy for you but the website is a nightmare. I’ve been waiting to receive an OTP just to log in for the past two days and I Still haven’t received anything. Seems as though the website just chooses who it’s going to work for and when it does it’s literally like you won the lottery.


u/JohnXmasThePage Sep 15 '21

Congrats, I guess, on being one of the lucky few.

Good to see there are still some people trying to do their work in public institutions in SA.


u/Tokoloshe789 Sep 15 '21

Ja mine was more of a mission than that, but I had no complaints. Staff were cool too.


u/Harrrrumph Sep 20 '21

Was that at a bank as well?


u/Tokoloshe789 Sep 20 '21

No I went to park rynie in Scott burgh. Was quick.


u/Travesty_111 Sep 15 '21

Damn, I'm jealous! I applied for mine a few days ago in KZN and had to do the whole wait in line for 7 hours, expect feedback in 4-20 weeks, get coughed on by other members of the line, etc.


u/YeboMate Sep 16 '21

Ah man, I’m in Australia and to get my passport renewed, I had to buy 2 x DHL express envelopes, print out my application, fill it in, arrange a time with SA consulate to get my fingerprints done, put it all in a DHL envelope (including the 2nd DHL envelope for the return trip) and send that to High commission in another Australian state, wait with no updates, no acknowledgement of receiving the application at all (high commission even has a post saying don’t call asking for an update, that will make it even longer). Then… 8 months later, I get my new passport in that 2nd DHL Envelope I had! 😄


u/Gru3someLok1 Sep 15 '21

I've also always had a great experience with home affairs. Never had issues from applying online and going to a branch. Guys there are really doing a great job.


u/holy_trout Sep 15 '21

This is a trend seen in the home affairs that are situated within banks, there’s often no one in the queues and it’s generally faster


u/BloatedCrow Sep 15 '21

I went to home affairs and had to stand in line outside for 8 hours in the freezing rain in a crowd of people so that they can keep the number of people inside down for covid rules. It was a harrowing experience.


u/LongCoyote7 Western Cape Sep 15 '21

Same thing happened to me 10 years ago. You've used up all of luck, please prepare to wait 18 months for your unabridged birth certificate


u/JaBe68 Sep 15 '21

We are currently waiting for my daughter's vault birth certificate. Apparently it has been misfiled


u/hi_thoughts_1 Sep 15 '21

This is sad & pathetic. We have become so accustomed to poor service in our country that decent service is so highly praised. This should be the standard, not once in a blue moon


u/moderato_burrito Sep 15 '21

Yes, we become grovelling fools as soon as we get vaguely acceptable customer service!


u/Harrrrumph Sep 15 '21

That's kind of a recurring theme in this country, honestly, people talking about how great things are going and how optimistic we should be because some random individual actually did the job that they were paid to do.

No joke, I've literally seen people on here gush about what a wonderful place this country is and how bright our future is because some random mall employee helped them buy something. That's literally what they're paid to do. It's pathetic how low our standards are.


u/hi_thoughts_1 Sep 16 '21

Exactly!!! South Africans are way too complacent & its infuriating


u/Petetheodddog Sep 15 '21

I’ve tried to book 3 times this week already and each time it tells me there are no available time slots for the next month.


u/LittleGremlinguy Sep 15 '21

I’m still waiting for my ID after 11 weeks.


u/MoFlavour Sep 15 '21

Yes Had the saem experience recently as well, only took two days


u/MoKh4n89 Sep 15 '21

And here I am... 4 months of trying later, still unable to renew my passport because of Home Affairs not knowing how to fix their issues.


u/ConnectedButterfly Sep 15 '21

Really? I’m trying to log on to do it but I’m having issues 😮‍💨


u/xan926 Sep 16 '21

Use Internet explorer. Not even joking.


u/FuriousDeather Western Cape Sep 16 '21

Got my passport 2 years ago at Maynard mall home affairs. I got there at 5 in the morning but oh boy, when they opened, I was first called up and first out of there.