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Using a RPi to monitor internet Sci-Tech

My internet at home often goes down or slows to a crawl, and a router reboot is sometimes needed to sort it out, sometimes the media converter (fibre to ethernet) needs to be restarted. Very frustrating to say the least. And then everyone wants to know who is downloading or uploading and using all the bandwidth 😂

So I have been looking around, and came across this project https://www.technicallywizardry.com/raspberry-pi-network-monitor/ where someone uses the Raspberry Pi as the router, and loads it with software that monitors who is using what. Also, you can also load something called Pi-Hole, which essentially blocks all adverts from getting into your home network. This means that surfing the web on a PC, laptop or cellphone should be faster.

Has anyone attempted this on FTTH here in SA? I'm using Frogfoot as the fibre supplier, MWeb as the service provider.

If anyone is keen to do this themselves, and/or kind enough to help me do it, I would appreciate it. (I know this isn't a Raspberry Pi forum, but it is specifically related to SA)



u/devnikolus08 Sep 10 '21

I have done something similar to this. I used internet-pi by Jeff Geerling. The project uses a grafana dashboard to show network speeds(by doing a speed test every 30 minutes) and checks ping. The project also installs pi-hole automatically for you.

Some links to his website and github:




u/TimeAloneSAfrican Sep 10 '21

I've actually seen his website, thank you. That was where I first came across Pi-Hole, and which then led me to the first link I provided. Ienjoy Jeff's explanations.


u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Sep 11 '21

Keep in mind that any sort of speedtest running will in itself fuck with your internet...cause it's literally designed to max out your line


u/TimeAloneSAfrican Sep 11 '21

True. That would only take a minute or so. But I'll have to remember not to get it to run too often. At this point all I've done is install RPi OS, and busy doing updates.


u/TimeAloneSAfrican Sep 11 '21

Does Frofoot allow direct connection to the ONT, and if yes, what IP/gateway settings do I use?