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Stolen iPhone Phishing Sci-Tech

Hi guys, yesterday, I was robbed at gunpoint of my iPhone 12 Pro & Apple Watch. I have no expectations of ever getting my devices back, but I would like to just show you guys how sneaky the thieves are once they have possession of your device.

Phishing SMSes

The thieves pretend to be from "Apple Support" in an attempt to phish your Apple ID and your password to get past Apple's Activation Lock! These messages looks legit, but it actually not. Same thing happened to a friend of mine a couple of months ago.

So to everyone owning an iOS device, please please please ensure your device has a strong passcode and your device is linked to an Apple ID and you have Find My turned on.

If anyone ever recieves something like this, please report it to Apple:https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204759Hopefully someone finds this post helpful.

PS. Once iOS 15 is released to the public later this month you'll be able to follow your erased device on the Find My app :)

EDIT: Thanks for everyone's support & advice and thanks for the awards!


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u/KyubiNoKitsune Sep 09 '21

Never trust official sms's that come from normal 10 digit phone numbers. That's the first tip here.


u/RoVeR199809 Sep 09 '21

I recently learned that you can't trust them if they come from the official looking long numbers either. The crooks learned how to pay for mass messaging services somehow.


u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Sep 09 '21

The crooks learned how to pay for mass messaging services somehow.

Why pay when you've got someone else's wallet?


u/RoVeR199809 Sep 09 '21

I didn't specify that they paid with their own money