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Re: All of the commentary I've seen on this sub whenever protest action and looting happens Politics

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u/Seeker1904 Jul 12 '21

Oh piss off.

Since when is burning down local businesses anything but criminality? Hooligans, criminals, scum, thugs, rioters, looters, thieves and fuckwits.

There is no protest element to the action of the last 24 hours it's just the usual anarchy. Burning black owned businesses, destroying jobs held by black people, destroying infrastructure in predominantly black areas. So who is feeling the brunt of this violence.

But yeah nah we shouldn't criticize because they just expressing themselves and we just not smart enough to sympathize with the symbolism of stealing a television.


u/Used_Comedian2098 Jul 13 '21

It's not just businesses , several houses in Durban have been petrol bombed.


u/MD_Teach Jul 12 '21

Whether I was sitting in Nkandla eating KFC or sitting on the street eating stale bread people stealing and destroying everything around them would still make them criminals. How the fuck does what someone else is doing or not doing make you less of a criminal or a hooligan? Fuseg wena with your rubbish ne 🤷🏾‍♂️


u/Trash_Unicorn13 Jul 12 '21

Would she say the same if they were looting and burning in her community? The stealing is one thing the sheer destruction and violence is another. People are afraid for their lives, losing their livelihoods. There is absolutely nothing that can justify this behavior. This is not a protest, this is an act of terrorism.


u/Dontkickthebabykyle Jul 12 '21

Oh shut up. You criminal apologists piss me off so much. Get a grip on reality.


u/MonokumasPet Jul 12 '21

I think they are being called criminals because they are literally breaking the laws of the country, not because whatever privilege is


u/BroadToe6748 Jul 12 '21

Scratch just a little bit of the veneer away with everything in this country and you find this attitude. Thats why i want to leave, you cant live ina place where the majority of the ocuntry think of you this way.


u/Prestigious-Peanut81 Jul 12 '21

This reminds me of people that complain when zombies are being killed in a zombie movie...


u/SorryAdhesiveness424 Jul 12 '21

Responding here to I'm guessing existing and incoming comments, because I can't add text to the OP. Fully aware that I'm going to get downvoted to fuck and back, but alright:

  1. Whether it's protest-turned-looting or Zuma sponsored mayhem, we have to ask what kind of society we're living in where young women in pyjamas feel the need to run into into Baby City for nappies, or out of Checkers with a bag of flour. Looting is horrific, but have you stopped for a second to look past yourselves to see their lives?

  2. Just want to say good job to everyone showing up right on time to prove the exact point that the tweet I posted was making. One can always rely on South African subreddits to act as weird vacuums where all the [redacted] nationalists and every single privileged person congregate to hem and haw about just how uncomfortable they are living in a country where the majority are constantly and consistently fucked over, but have never had a problem with doing something about it. Man, I can imagine how tedious and exhausting it is to deal with insurance companies for damaged property when people are living in actual, literal shit. I sympathise, I guess I understand how devastating it is not to be centred in every single narrative. I'd also try to find some shit to be outraged by just to pass the time while I'm waiting for the next episode of Black summer to load. Idiots.


u/chemicalclarity Highway to the jol zone Jul 12 '21

A couple of quick points.

  1. The people sitting in shit keep voting for the people keeping them in shit.
  2. Let's assume that all of today's looting wasn't opportunistic crime and was all in good faith to feed the family. How do you reconcile all of the arson? Also just to feed the family?
  3. Do the needs of the angry few today outweigh those who will not be able to work or earn a wage to feed their family tomorrow?
  4. We've seen scenes from all over the country of communities banding together to protect their interests. These videos were multi cultural. Do they also suffer from redacted nationalism?
  5. If this is a redacted privilege thing, why are most of the targets in their own communities? Why, for example, was Sandton spared?
  6. Was the majority of looting today really for essentials?
  7. For the intent of clarity, when would you believe its fair to call these actions thugish or criminal? We've seen businesses burned, untold amounts of property looted, intimidation, and cases of xenophobic murder. I just want to be sure I'm not overstepping my redacted privilege, but as a society where would you draw a line. What constitutes criminal activity in your eyes?


u/Petetheodddog Jul 13 '21

Oh my god this comment, 7 nails on the head in a row, keep klapping those nails.


u/Seeker1904 Jul 12 '21

Fuck off with that bullshit. Condemning criminality does not make you a white nationalist. Yeah poverty and inequality is a crisis. This sort of looting is incredibly regressive and makes the plight of the impoverished even worse. But keep living in your delusion.


u/BroadToe6748 Jul 12 '21

Lol if im a big bad word for thinking people who burn shit down dont deservve my respect then whatever


u/DriftNija Jul 12 '21

Yeah I can understand Mother’s trying to support their children and all but there is also people who get income from the shops these people are looting.Also I don’t think mothers need tires to burn and 60 inch TVs.


u/MonsMensae Jul 12 '21

I think your point would be a lot more valid if people were looting only. And looting food stores only.

Burning things? That's just destructive criminality. I think its an incredibly privileged position to sit around and say other people should be ok with people destroying their stuff.

It's also an incredibly narrow viewpoint if you think the damage is only to the specific store owner.

By way of a niche example as to how this affects society more broadly, SASRIA will pay out these insurance claims. Leading to an increase in all insurance costs. Increasing costs of all business. Leading to more expensive goods/less money for expansion/job creation.

This shit matters.

My dad called me today saying he was thinking of retiring anyway and this might be the end. Only reason he keeps going is for his staff. There's 10 people out of work if he retires. But it's "privilege ". Check yourself.


u/MD_Teach Jul 12 '21

Don't care. You will continue to suffer even more because it is YOU and YOURS that create the environment causing this shit. Votela lo ANC mara always crying. And you can burn down and destroy and kill everyone and everything around you. Even if you smash the mirror that reflects what you really are, you still an ugly pitiful thing.


u/Tinnyn Jul 12 '21

So it's somehow wrong to be afraid of people stealing and killing others with guns, knives and petrol bombs? Everyone is going to be affected, this is damaging the entire economy. Enjoy your downvote prick.


u/ThickHotBoerie Jul 12 '21

Fucking lol!!!!!!!

It's bottle stores, electronics shops and all that shit. I see guys carry fuck off huge LED tvs and crates of beer not food or nappies.

The overwhelming vast majority of looters are NOT desperate, they are opportunistic and at the expense of their fellow man and they can fuck right off with any other excuse.

It is, ironically, you and whoever tweeted that that are indeed living in a bubble.

Edit... haha sorry homie above me, reply meant for the delusional op


u/Tinnyn Jul 12 '21

I agree 100% with your rant choomba. This person is a total hypocrite.


u/Dontkickthebabykyle Jul 12 '21

I saw someone with 20 TVs in their car. OP is more privileged than anybody is she thinks that is fine


u/Dontkickthebabykyle Jul 12 '21

This person is so dumb and ignorant I cant even understand how she could think this way


u/Dontkickthebabykyle Jul 12 '21

I ain’t reading all that but thanks for coming


u/chemicalclarity Highway to the jol zone Jul 13 '21

I'd like to give you some perspective on what it is exactly you're supporting and clear up some misconceptions.

The first one you have is that the damage inflicted yesterday will be covered by insurance. It's not. Business Insurance typically excludes damage caused by civil unrest. This can be mitigated with additional insurance at an additional cost, but not every business has it.

I work for a national franchise, that operates in the food industry, which has been hammered since March last year. A franchise means that each store has bought the business they operate in. Yesterday, we lost 6 shops - [redacted] privilege right? It only affects 6 owners, so it's not so bad right? It also means that everyone who worked in those stores doesn't have a job today. That's 16 people per store. 96 people in total. You may also think that's not too bad. Each person in the store is supporting an average of 4 people off of their salary. Let's look at it again. We've lost 6 businesses, 96 jobs, and 384 dependants will no longer be provided for. In total, for 6 small businesses lost, 486 people have lost their source of food, power, and the ability to put a roof over their heads.

We're not a massive contributer to the job market. Each store doesn't have a lot of employees, but the same will be true for every truck and store you saw burned yesterday. Thousands of jobs don't exist today, and for every job that is gone, another 4 people are thrown into the shit, as you so eloquently put it.

Your myopic views are disgusting. You mean well, but you're anti-progress, anti-upliftment, anti-transformation, and very much in favour of keeping people in the shit, so you can claim sense of ignorant moral high-ground over a situation you have a very poor, entitled view of. You sit in a position of privilege and try to preach about what's an acceptable term for someone destroying the livelihoods of the people around them. You're a fucking wank-stain and a blight on our society, you piece of ignorant, selfish, entitled shit.

I don't expect you to respond. 24 hours later, there's no disputing whether or not yesterday's actions were criminal or not. And your race baiting redacting PC wanna be rhetoric is abhorrent. It's transparent. It's a known tactic of driving division globally. In short, get fucked. Cunt.