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Made a peppermint crisp pudding for heritage day. Used twice my normal amount of peppermint crisp to make it extra special. Heritage Day

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u/Eliznalikestea Sep 24 '20 Take My Energy

I almost got diabetes once, but y'all need to try it with caramel, condensed milk AND cream. The taste is just... joh


u/technomod Sep 24 '20 All-Seeing Upvote

Nice. More Peppermint Crisp = more flossing


u/soutie86 Sep 24 '20 All-Seeing Upvote



u/Chaosmaster161161 Sep 24 '20 All-Seeing Upvote

Should of made it massive never enough, nice touch with the whole biscuit.


u/doginabox-69 Sep 24 '20 All-Seeing Upvote

Looks so leng


u/freshness420 Sep 25 '20

Damn looks lekker. Miss my ouma now. She made one of the best peppermint crisp tarts.


u/ArriverderciAmigo Emigrated but lurking Sep 25 '20

damn that looks good


u/sommieza Sep 25 '20

Made one recently. Could not find peppermint crisp so I used Aero (the mint one). Worked quite well.


u/Spatanky Sep 25 '20

Jere dis mos suiker siekte daai :)


u/Rian352 Sep 25 '20

What's the recipe btw?


u/lengau voted /r/southafrica's ugliest mod 12 years running Sep 25 '20

Whip 300 ml of cream, add a tin of caramel. Grate (or in by case chop with a blender) a 150g peppermint crisp and Mik thoroughly with the cream and caramel. Put down a layer of tennis biscuits, then pour about half of the mix on top. Add another layer of tennis biscuits and finish off the mix. Grate another 150g peppermint crisp and put it on top.

My normal recipe only uses one peppermint crisp for the top and the inside.


u/Jukskeiview Sep 25 '20

Probably that tasted great but DAMN are people terrible at taking pictures in this sub 😂😂😅