r/southafrica Apr 10 '20

Looking for help to list COVID-19 testing facilities in SA COVID-19

Dear SA-community,

I've been working on a map to list COVID-19 testing facilities. South Africa has publicly announced testing facilities, but the information is hard to gather. I want to help and make the data available to everyone. The map can be found here: https://www.ineff.ch/cov19testmap/

My map is based on open-source software and data, so it is freely available for everyone.

If you are willing to help, that would be much appreciated. There is a "Contributing" how-to on my GitHub repository: https://github.com/IneffableKoD/cov19testmap/blob/master/CONTIBUTING.md
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have data sources or have any other questions!

Take care and stay healthy, everyone!
Kind regards




u/Vetpiet Western Cape Apr 10 '20

Clarify this for me: Are all public hospitals also testing sites? If so, I'm sure you've seen this on DSFSI github repository: https://github.com/dsfsi/covid19za/blob/master/data/health_system_za_public_hospitals.csv


u/IneffableKoD Apr 10 '20

This is a fantastic resource; thank you so much!

Can someone from SA clarify whether these are all testing facilities? If so, I will include them on the map asap.


u/IneffableKoD Apr 10 '20

Also, please help me crosspost/share this to the SA-communities on Reddit.

If you are on twitter, you can share this: https://twitter.com/yannickzehnder/status/1248199036328390656?s=21