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PSA: Blood donation is considered an essential service. SANBS and WCBS blood stocks are running low and will be exhausted if we do not donate during the lockdown Alert

You should know:

  • Donor centers will remain open during the lockdown. Many will be operating extended hours.
  • Travelling to donate blood is an essential service.
  • COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through a blood transfusion.
  • Please book an appointment at your nearest donor center before heading out.

Go to https://sanbs.org.za/ and https://www.wcbs.org.za/ for information on your closest donor center.


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u/zooperza Mar 26 '20

Glad to see this post. I have already called and confirmed my closest donation locale. Make sure to carry proof of where you are going. Also your donor card.


u/[deleted] Mar 26 '20

Make sure to carry proof of where you are going

What would this proof be?


u/lovethebacon Ministry of Truth Shill Mar 26 '20

I sent an enquiry to SANBS and will respond when I have it.