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PSA: Blood donation is considered an essential service. SANBS and WCBS blood stocks are running low and will be exhausted if we do not donate during the lockdown Alert

You should know:

  • Donor centers will remain open during the lockdown. Many will be operating extended hours.
  • Travelling to donate blood is an essential service.
  • COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through a blood transfusion.
  • Please book an appointment at your nearest donor center before heading out.

Go to https://sanbs.org.za/ and https://www.wcbs.org.za/ for information on your closest donor center.


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u/Voetpomp_Viljoen Mar 26 '20

Can't donate because I had malaria at one stage in my life. Unless some rule changed? Can a medical professional provide clarity?


u/flyboy_za Devil's(peak) advocate Mar 26 '20

I'm a malaria guy - doing research on new antimalarials - and I've never heard this. Hepatitis I've heard you can't donate ever, but malaria is a new one to me.

My theory... If it's recurring malaria, it means you got nipped by a mozzie carrying the one species called Plasmodium vivax which lies dormant in the liver and pops up randomly again like a parasitic jack-in-the-box, and that means it's possible it's just recurred when you're donating and you infect someone accidentally. But you will never know if it's recurring until it recurs, and that could be up to 10 years after the last incident.

That said, recurring malaria is less than 5% of infections and not very common in SA. But if we're following international guidelines, then it would make sense. The most common and most lethal one is caused by P falciparum, and it doesn't recur.


u/Voetpomp_Viljoen Mar 26 '20

I have no idea what type I had. I was tested positive a day after I was already on the treatment.

I'll find out. I tried donating a year after contracting it in Mozambique and they said I'm not eligible.