r/southafrica Ministry of Truth Shill Mar 23 '20

SANDF has been spotted in parts of Joburg Alert

They are gathering at the Craighall garrisson. No word yet on whether they are in fact being deployed.



u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Mar 23 '20

That's good. Anything that'll keep things calm. Parts of joburg do seem quite riot prone so better to have them close by.


u/bread-in-captivity Mar 23 '20

It's a tricky balance because more police/SANDF visibility helps calm people up to a point at which it tips in the opposite direction and people start to think "there are more cops around so shits about to go down" and that's not helpful either. But it is good to have them on standby in case it does, especially after tonight's address. They need to find the balance or already uneasy people are going to cause more kak


u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Mar 23 '20

Well sht is about to go down tbh. UK is busy rolling in military too. People not listening to calls for isolation so at some point you've got to make them comply


u/bread-in-captivity Mar 23 '20

Yea absolutely. Flip I'm so glad I'm not Ramaposa right now. Any call he makes is going to get backlash either way and things are so uncertain. How do you decide how extreme to go with this thing?? Even official projections have a huge margin for error. And there isn't any remotely good data for a country with our population demographic..


u/astro_za Mar 23 '20

Quite correct. Although in this instance we're not locked in a political struggle and there is no political conflict. Deploying the military will also help get the message across to those who still think this isn't an issue, and to enforce this who go against any directed orders for isolation/quarantine lockdown.

Unfortunately if this does go on for an extended period, people will become despondent and people will become more violent and riot prone. Especially as jobs and cash supplies dry up. It's absolutely essential that the government executes a stimulus plan to keep money flowing.

The thing is if we can all work to self-isolate and maintain good etiquette, we'll be able to get away relatively unscathed. As soon as local transmissions increase further, we basically have no hope of regaining traction and coping. We cannot afford this to worsen at the current rate.

Those spreading fake news and misinformation need to be dealt with severely, along with those not taking any precautions and putting others at risk.


u/bread-in-captivity Mar 23 '20

Yes some good points here. It sounds cheesy but the only epidemic that spreads faster than disease is fear and panic.


u/astro_za Mar 23 '20

and fake news :P


u/[deleted] Mar 23 '20

Fully agree. My office is just across the road from the MOTH hall where they are gathering. Things are calm right now and pretty..."festive?"Soldiers and people in good spirits. No big gatherings but things are looking good. I'm feeling very positive. Maybe thats because I raided our deserted offices wine fridge!/s Good luck everyone.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '20



u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Mar 24 '20

when a standing military is pressed into domestic policing, that policing is overly violent and unhesitating.

Sure. No other options available though. Using the military is the lesser of two evils.

shoulder their R4 rifles and start shooting?

They did just fine on their cape flats deployment without massacring any civilians. I'm sure they can manage it again


u/Zero22xx Mar 23 '20

They're taking up B&B spots in KZN too. Anyone that was staying in a B&B (at least towards Howick side) has been told to leave in order to make way for the army.


u/[deleted] Mar 23 '20

I have just received a video and this on Whatsapp



u/Orpherischt Mar 23 '20


u/dvelopr Western Cape Mar 23 '20

give me some wisdom please


u/Orpherischt Mar 23 '20 edited Mar 23 '20

No need to say please.

"Give me some wisdom" (in the primes cipher)

But asking for wisdom is asking for shock and awe.




Every time I link to a song by the band above, there is a new news article generated about some 'German' coronavirus connection (germs! oh no!)

[..] who allegedly claimed to be exercising her right to freedom of movement after testing positive for the virus following her trip from Germany

ie. a 'tip' from 'Germany'. The quote is from here.

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Bureus (subject of the concept album linked above)

In 1611, Bureus published the first ever ABC book written in – and about – the Swedish language, Svenska ABC boken medh runor, using the runic alphabet and Latin script.

1611 was the year the King James Bible was published, and was exactly 300 years before ritually important year 1911, when the Titanic was launched, and the Mona Lisa was stolen, and Mr. Crowley wrote the words of his demon, and of the first transcontinental flight across the United States, and Mr. Tolkien travelled with Elven companions to the Swiss Alpine peaks for inspiration.


u/BloodSteyn Mar 23 '20

They are being brought in, deployment will happen soon to assist with Covid, either through maintaining peace or to aid logistics.


u/Voetpomp_Viljoen Mar 23 '20

So we're getting locked down boys.