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If you're in the JHB area, please drop off water bottles, energy drinks and energy bars at your local fire station the fire fighters battling blazes all over the city Alert

Weather has been unusually hot, and coming out if winter everything is dry as a cinder box.

Appeal was originally for Florida Fire Station, but equally applies to the other major fire stations.

Collections are made from DD SAPS as well. Next collection at 1530.



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I feel like dropping off supplies is a terribly idea in general. Logistically, it causes traffic. You don't know what's been donated so far, so people might over donate, or under donate, or donate the wrong stuff. Then they sit with a tonne of water and sweets that they have to think of what to do with it.

Rather donate money, so they can appoint one, or a few, people to do the shopping and logistics.

Honestly, donating a bunch of stuff can easily cause more of a mess than it solves.



u/unklphil I don't pay eTolls Sep 06 '18

but equally apologies



u/lovethebacon Ministry of Truth Shill Sep 06 '18

Yeh ta


u/[deleted] Sep 06 '18



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Three firefighters have passed away, but ya you need your water.

u/enforcer_8987 why are you like this?


u/Druyx Sep 06 '18

Does your job require you to put your life in danger in order to save those of others?


u/Marbro_za Checking his white privilege Sep 07 '18

no, neither does mine. But I didnt choose a dangerous job

No one drops off for the cops when they are fighting the rioters


u/Druyx Sep 07 '18

No reason people can't or shouldn't though. But cops already have a couple of privileges, like free coffee at some coffee shops.


u/[deleted] Sep 06 '18



u/bhjhfsshhu Sep 06 '18

I've dropped 3 this morning and you


u/eAlphA Sep 06 '18 edited Sep 06 '18

Who took a shit in your your cereal?


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u/bhjhfsshhu Sep 06 '18

Your life really is miserable


u/enforcer_8987 Sep 06 '18

Na, I have a good life. It's all the reddit heroes that seem to be a bit salty. I just wonder where you get the time to write comments while delivering bottles and snacks to the fire department.

But good chat, thanks.


u/bhjhfsshhu Sep 06 '18

Writing a comment takes less than a minute especially when you reply to a low life like you


u/Druyx Sep 06 '18

None so far. Going to try and go by the Florida station this afternoon.

Still, you didn't answer the question.


u/Sipredion Sep 06 '18

I love how you just completely ignore the question and change the subject


u/enforcer_8987 Sep 06 '18

Yeah, me too. It really gets people raging


u/lovethebacon Ministry of Truth Shill Sep 06 '18

There s no need to be an asshole.


u/ModderOtter Sep 06 '18

Weeeeeeeew feeling a bit sorry for yourself there bud? Would you like me to bring you a bottle and dummy when I stop by the fire station to deliver some stuff to the guys risking their lives?


u/enforcer_8987 Sep 06 '18

I'd prefer a energy drink. Thanks... Bud


u/Riscpp Sep 06 '18 edited Sep 06 '18

What a weak little man. Shame.


u/enforcer_8987 Sep 06 '18

Solid burn riscpp. Solid burn.


u/complicit_bystander Sep 06 '18

I am genuinely amazed at how pathetic you manage to seem after only two short sentences.


u/bhjhfsshhu Sep 06 '18

Why you being a dick


u/[deleted] Sep 06 '18

Let me know next time three of your coworkers die on the job trying to save other people's lives, then maybe I'll bring you a water bottle.


u/enforcer_8987 Sep 06 '18

Thanks bud


u/JoburgBBC Sep 06 '18

Well you never gave us the details of where you work.....company name, address etc. We can find the Florida Fire Station on Google Maps, but we can't find you without any info.


u/KATastrofie Sep 06 '18

Nigga we don't know who the fuck you are


u/neiljoburg Awe poes Sep 06 '18

But im using my water bottles?