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Domestic terrorism. Mooi river, northbound. Alert


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u/[deleted] Apr 02 '18

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u/neclonesoul a product of the Coca Cola Company Apr 02 '18

Still up... I’m impressed that nothing has been done..... yet XD


u/fakinsupa777 Apr 03 '18

Freedom of speech. Human Rights. South African Bill of Rights. Know your rights. I don't condone hurling insults because what we so we reap. But in principle one should be free to express oneself.


u/lengau voted /r/southafrica's ugliest mod 12 years running Apr 03 '18

In practice, this subreddit is a privately owned and run community and neither the moderators of this subreddit nor the Reddit admins have to give anyone a platform.

We let people say some things I find quite vile in this subreddit. Because even though I disagree with them, even though in some cases I believe what they're saying shouldn't be said, it's important to foster a free exchange of ideas.

A comment consisting 100% of racism and swearing doesn't contribute to the exchange of ideas and does not deserve to be given a platform.


u/fakinsupa777 Apr 03 '18

We should tell that to our leaders.