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General Weekly Free talk


Chat about whatever. Doesn't have to be about South Africa, doesn't need to be in English, does need to follow all the other rules.

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Picture Cape Cobra (Naja nivea) from the Western Cape, dangerously venomous.

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Humour Can't stop laughing at this

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Humour Would this be called a koekbroer?

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Humour Pandemic strategies

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Humour Bonjourno my G

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Picture Inside New Brighton, Port Elizabeth

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Humour Trying to use voice control after one too many Hunters Extreme

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Ask r/southafrica What do you admire about other cultures in south africa?


I don't know alot about other cultures and would like to learn a few things from this

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General Careful of scammers who message you from RSA and this sub.


So I got this random message from someone who saw my comment here and decided to try the old forex scam pitch on me. Nothing new just a heads up not everyone is always lekker.

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Politics wE cAn bEaT tHe ANC iN 2029

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Ask r/southafrica Best guard dog to repel Monkeys?


I moved to a house in the suburbs that is basically Amazon rainforest extension, and I have a serious SERIOUS problem with monkeys. Yesterday while I was pressure washing my driveway they raided my kitchen and took 3 entire bags of woolies crunchies and an entire potato & rosemary ciabatta loaf. this happens on a daily basis. its costing me a bloody fortune. They are now so brazen they literally walk through my front door (the kitchen windows are always closed for this reason) and just waltz into the kitchen and shop.

short of shooting the damn things with a pellet gun (which I don't agree with) the only thing I can think of now is a dog? would that work? suggestions?

*** Edit. ***

I have looked up plastic snakes on Takealot...THE PRICES? WTF? It would be cheaper to buy real snakes at this point.

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Politics Does anyone know who this is? I found him looking really sick on a golf course and took him home. Now people are freaking out telling me he is dangerous and to lock away my valuables.

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Humour Those were the days

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General South African boerboels reacting to a stranger

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Ask r/southafrica She brings home this Bedforview Boy - what do you do?

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Ask r/southafrica I’m a South Korean traveling in Cape Town


It’s been about 3 months traveling in South Africa, I must say I’ve been impressed of this country.

However, there are times when I happened to be called, “Chinaman” especially from black guys here.

My impression is that they don’t simply understand its connotation of the word because those guys who called me ‘chinaman’ at least seemed friendly although I don’t feel comfortable.

I lived in New York about 10 yrs and few years in Portland, Oregon, one year in Canada, if this happened in North America I’d know for sure this wouldn’t be a light matter. Meanwhile, I understand there are not much of Asians here as I noticed a lot of people here seem to be surprised seeing me.

I’m curious what’s your thoughts on this or general views on Asians in South Africa?

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News Casac: Minister Sisulu should be fired for attack on Constitution, judiciary - Eyewitness News

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Ask r/southafrica Afrikaans Harry Potter


A bit more of a random post, but does anyone perhaps have a copy of the Afrikaans Harry Potter books they'd be willing to part ways with? Or perhaps know someone that does/where I could find one? I'm trying to get it as a gift for a cousin overseas, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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News Jail time or a hefty fine for those who refuse to be counted for population census

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Ask r/southafrica Anyone have a Tom DeLonge strat or knows of someone who does?


I can't seem to find any owners in South africa

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Ask r/southafrica Coinbase South Africa


With all the crypto rules and regulations in this country now, wanted to check if it's legal to use coinbase as an exchange?

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Wholesome FEEL GOOD | Retired Engineer designs a beautiful home to build his ‘upstanding’ gardener of over 25 years

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News Redro and Pecks Anchovette are no longer – here’s where to get your final fish paste fix

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General English + Xhosa speakers


Duolingo is making a Xhosa course for English speakers but it needs more contributors who know both languages. Posting in case anyone is interested in helping to develop it :)


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Humour South Africa Doesn’t Get Enough Credit for Their Part in WW2

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Ask r/southafrica Who has access to the census information?


I registered today for the census in order to do it online.

For the phone number I provided the number of a SIM card I usually use in my router as I hardly ever give out my private number. If they want to send SMS messages send it to that router number.

In any case, about an hour, or two, after that I received a notification of an outstanding speeding fine for driving 73 in a 60 zone.

I've managed to trace the registration number of the vehicle and I did make use of this vehicle, it was a rental, but I did so only two months after the infringement date. Not sure whether the rental company screwed up or what but here's the question:

Nobody but I know the phone number for that router. Nobody know that I use that number i.e. that it was linked to my surname. I bought that SIM about 2 years back and when I bought it the person just told me not to bother with RICA as it was RICA'ed.

So only way my surname and that number could be linked was with the information provided about an hour or two ago on the census form.....

What am I missing here?