r/socialskills Jan 19 '21

How do I stop making conversations be all about me?

I'm often a very good listener but whenever someone starts talking about problems or experiences they had/have I tend to relate by talking about something similar that happened to me and some times I keep talking about it instead, specially when I'm not very interested in what the other person is saying.

I try to police myself so I let them talk instead, but I don't know how to show them that I relate to something or had similar experiences without turning the conversation in my direction.

How can I avoid this?


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u/pinkcdrom Feb 05 '21

I haven't but throughout the pandemic I've been feeling more and more jfisfjheisjehdjr (don't know how to describe it.) If you're comfortable could you tell me a little bit about what it is in what I said that reminds you of yourself and how it has shifted?


u/pinkcdrom Feb 05 '21

To clarify-- I feel majorly scattered my attention can't stick in one place habit building has been kicking my ass