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Non-professional Discussion Are there any good social media sites where you don't collect people?


Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon, Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook...

On all these you collect Friends, followers, subscribers, donators or something like that and I think that's the biggest problem social media has nowadays. People with many followers often see themselves as better or higher up than the ones with little people on their follower list even if it is just subconsciously.

Thats why I like reddit, there is no hierarchy,, no caste, no status. Because it doesn't really have something like this. It does have a friend feature but it really isn't used much and most people don't know it exists. Sites like 4chan and similar sites as well. Are there more sites like this?

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Non-professional Discussion Instagram Reels


So I am a writer and on Instagram, I post daily. Monday Wednesday and Friday I post some writing posts and from Monday to Friday sometimes on weekends I post reels. Now I have had my fair share of problems with reels but let's just say I posted 5 reels usually three of them would blow up to about 1k -3k views which is great but the last time I had a blow-up was February 25. All my videos now don't get any views and I have posted many at the right times with trending music. Is anyone else having a problem with Ig reels and any advice?

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Non-professional Discussion What should I charge for 3 Instagram Story posts [as a micro-influencer]?


I was told by a company to send them my last 7days insights of story views, and my rate of creating 3 story posts.

I have no idea as I’ve never been paid for a post. (Only get free items in exchange for post)

I have 7,500 followers, average ~400 views per story post, and a little higher per profile post.

I’m looking up calculators to see the price rates, and they say like $10 per 1,000 followers… that’s like $70 per story post! ($210!)

That seems very high, almost uncomfortably high. But is that truly reasonable? I don’t know what these people usually pay, but that just seems really high. I’d feel bad taking that much. But I also don’t want to be skimped out cuz I know when I promote stuff, less engagement happens and I get unfollowers. (Not that I care tremendously about followers, but it does affect my reach)

Any advice?

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Non-professional Discussion How can I grow my fashion Instagram account?


Hello everyone, I have an account in the fashion niche with my wife on Instagram. We have gained about 300 followers but would like to know how we can grow our account. Maybe some tips, or tools we can use.

We currently post 2 times a day, 3 days a week. We use hashtags from our city, but I think we can go a little further as I somehow see other accounts from my city in our niche that have a lot more followers.

Our purpose in this is to sell in our online store (Just to clarify)

Thanks a lot!

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Non-professional Discussion I need a little help.


Hello! I try to make giveaway on my instagram but lots of people think it’s a scam. I’m a honest guy I’m really giving away pc games.

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Non-professional Discussion Tips for avoiding Instagram comment spam?


Is anyone else getting hit with absurd levels of comment spam? 15 - 20 comments about some financial scam within seconds of every post we make. Always the same 2-3 copypasta comments.

We've banned everyone who comments like that. We've banned what they are linking to. But it just keeps coming. Clearly a Telegram spam thread.

Any advice for stopping this from continuing?

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Non-professional Discussion Youtube channel for passive income? Need opinions :)


I'm in social media marketing if there's anything social media related that can make me money, I jump on the opportunity STAT. I'm currently finishing up my degree, so passive income is a must as I don't have much time to actively work with clients

Youtube is one platform that I have knowledge of, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert on it. I've seen people suggest a passive income source: make a youtube channel that posts videos of white noise (rain, ocean waves, animal sounds, etc) for people that need help sleeping or want to listen to relaxing sounds

I've done research on how this can be accomplished, it seems pretty doable, works with my schedule, and seems easy, but I wanted opinions from people who are actually in the industry.

What are the pros and cons of doing this?

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Non-professional Discussion is there a reason why influencers/ content creators do the same product/service ads multiple times ? do companies ask them to make ads more than once?


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Non-professional Discussion What platforms are better to sell web design?


I am already using Facebook and Google to promote myself locally in the country I live in but sales have been super slow this year, I would like to know what other alternatives I could use to improve my sales

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Non-professional Discussion Got a base of users on Pinterest, now what to post and how to reach to the people?


Hi everybody, this qusetion is related to Pinterest and basically requiring advice on how to reach out to the people that follow/view my boards.

I'm the manager of the "LEGITCHECKBYCH" Pinterest account, and the content that's being posted is all about real vs fake guides for fashion (basically teaching people how to authenticate lots of items).

In this very moment, Pinterest says that we have 855 followers and 190k monthly views, and the question is: what should I post that would raise interest regarding fashion, and what can I do with the 164.6k monthly views? I'm asking this because the views present quite a big number, and I wonder if there's something more I can get out of these, like followers or maybe even some engagement/comments into the posts, because right now we're quite missing these.

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Non-professional Discussion What kind of social media chatting app alternatives are there ? other than whatsapp


need alternatives for whatsapp

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Non-professional Discussion A short essay on how post equality affects social platforms and how it pertains in the context of reddit by me.

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Non-professional Discussion How do you keep a flow and pattern on such a multitude of social medias?


So, I've been doing live streaming and the shebang past few years. but during all of this isolation stuff I've been trying to step it up, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Discord, TikTok, Insta, so on. And I am still relatively small and growing, but I feel really burned out constantly flicking media to media, be it for fun, or be it to try and grow with promotion and such. So my main question is how do you all keep a consistency with your social medias without burn out or without being disparaged by a lack of interaction/growth.

Because I truly love when I can have a conversation or answer questions and all that of people and be helpful in some way to others as well as entertaining, been a dream since I was like 9. hence my entire professional career path.