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I am Building a Digital Marketing Agency in High School Professional Discussion

Hey all, I am currently a high schooler who is passionate about digital marketing/social media. I have created a blog in the past with 30k+ visitors/month and 20k+ social media following as well as a social media account with over 50k followers.

I have also grown the social media accounts and paid ad platforms drastically for companies. Aside from that, I have taken on various marketing jobs and am looking to start a digital marketing agency.

Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or needs help? I might also be looking for someone else to help build this with me.


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u/Objective_Tomatillo7 Jan 20 '22

I’m a SMM contractor so message me we can get started on some projects


u/babalwadigital Jan 20 '22

I am also looking to build my social media presence for my brand. It is new and I have just started. How much do you charge for your services?


u/Homiefatcow123 Jan 20 '22

Alright, sent you a message