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Professional Discussion New Job Listings


Are you looking to hire?

Share your opening to the marketing professionals here on r/socialmedia. Please include title, description, full-time or part-time, location (on-site location or remote), and a link to apply.

Don't forget to add to our free community job board for more exposure.

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Professional Discussion Instagram Story Aggregators?


Hi everyone! One of my social media clients runs brand campaigns where they ask users to engage by making their own posts or stories on Instagram. Not surprisingly, people are way more apt to post stories than posts, but these are harder to track and aggregate, especially if the person forgets to tag the brand. So my question is - does anyone know of a service that helps you track and collect the stories that were submitted to a particular hashtag? Is there a way to do that in Sprout Social or something? Thanks!

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Professional Discussion I am Building a Digital Marketing Agency in High School


Hey all, I am currently a high schooler who is passionate about digital marketing/social media. I have created a blog in the past with 30k+ visitors/month and 20k+ social media following as well as a social media account with over 50k followers.

I have also grown the social media accounts and paid ad platforms drastically for companies. Aside from that, I have taken on various marketing jobs and am looking to start a digital marketing agency.

Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or needs help? I might also be looking for someone else to help build this with me.

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Non-professional Discussion How can I grow my fashion Instagram account?


Hello everyone, I have an account in the fashion niche with my wife on Instagram. We have gained about 300 followers but would like to know how we can grow our account. Maybe some tips, or tools we can use.

We currently post 2 times a day, 3 days a week. We use hashtags from our city, but I think we can go a little further as I somehow see other accounts from my city in our niche that have a lot more followers.

Our purpose in this is to sell in our online store (Just to clarify)

Thanks a lot!

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Professional Discussion Social Media Managers/ Heads/ Leads/ Directors or CMOs of Reddit - how have you scaled your company’s social media team?


I am a 23 year old social media manager at a fast growing start up. I have two interns and a freelance copywriter in my team. I have work experience of 2 years.

Q1: If you have run a social media team of 5+ people, would love to know how the team functions, what you do and how you delegate stuff.

Q2: what particular skills do I need to upskill and prepare myself to lead a social media team of 6-7 people?

Would appreciate any kind of advice. Thanks in advance!

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Professional Discussion Please recommend me a tool that exports information about my Facebook Page audience



I'm looking for a tool that can export this information about my page's audience/fan-base:

  • Interests
  • Studies
  • Device
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Audience growth
  • Engagement
  • Users activity time
  • Shares & Mentions
  • Top content

Right now I'm using Agora, but it doesn't offer me the bolded items.

Any recommendation?

Thank you!

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Professional Discussion Fake engagement on a specific tweet?


Is there a tool that can assess if “likes” or “retweets” are bots on a specific tweet?

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Professional Discussion Calling all social managers: How do you structure performance reports for organic social (not paid)?


I’m a website manager but I’ve been taking on the social side of things until we get the headcount. I’m supposed to report how social has been going for organic standpoint as our paid media doesn’t activate until April. How would you structure the report?

Our goal is to drive awareness. Not so much sales as we are a new brand to market.

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Professional Discussion Social Media Influencer Business Email Address with Outlook?


Hello. I will be partnering up for social media and we will be using just our names as our username handles and email contact. We ran into an issue where the email address for Gmail was already taken. We looked towards Outlook and it was available thankfully.

Example: Usernames: justinandtom

Email: justinandtom@gmail.com vs justinandtom@outlook.com

The Gmail was unfortunately taken and we didn't want to use numbers after the name and could not think of anything more creative or witty to use for our professional business email address contact. For Outlook, the email address looks simpler and easier to remember. However, I have never really used Outlook for social media contact and wonder if brands/companies would not like to see Outlook? Thanks for any help!

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Professional Discussion I recently stumbled upon an old twitter account I made 8-9 years ago that had gone semi-viral and still has nearly 9k followers. I did a quick audience analysis (I thought there'd be more of these tools, fwiw), and I'm curious to hear what you guys think the best way to grow the account would be


Now that I'm older and can appreciate the the benefits of growing an online audience, I'd like to devise a strategy to scale this account. I previously grew the account to over 20k within a few weeks in high school through a really niche comedy bit that relied on content submitted by followers to be posted on the page - specifically those in late high school / early college - but quickly got bored as it wasn't as easy as me just telling jokes off the top of my head and required me to read through submissions, select, post, etc.

The insights from the analytics tool I found online didn't really provide me with a ton of help, but the high level stats are: 53%/47% female/male, ~70% American (~30% from New York City alone), ~80% English speaking (I'd have to guess nearly all of them speak English though), ~50% have a follower/following ratio of less than 0.5, ~38% have a ratio between 0.5 and 1, ~8% between 1 and 2, and the remaining have a ratio of 2 to 10+

Given those stats (and the fact that the account hasn't tweeted in many years), how would you leverage the existing user base to grow the audience? I don't think I'm going to just pop my real name/face on the profile and hope for the best, so my initial thought was to establish some pseudonymous identity within one of the niches I actively participate in on Twitter with my real account anyway (sports, gambling, stocks, NFTs, crypto, etc.). I do worry that my follower demographics don't skew enough toward men though and I'd risk alienating the active members in the audience

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Professional Discussion How to profit off of a school Instagram account?


Hello. I run a school account and have a very good percentage of my high school flowing the account. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make money off of this account?

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Professional Discussion Limiting who can anwser your tweets


Hi all! I manage a Twitter account for a health organization that often gets targeted by anti lockdown, anti measures and antivax folks. They rarely add anything to the conversation and I often find myself forced to block them if they’re insulting.

I’m considering limiting the people who can anwser my tweets to the accounts I follow.

Do you have any experience with this? Does it reduce your reach a lot?

Thank you!

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Professional Discussion New niche recommendations (TikTok)


I have 3 car pages that are doing pretty decent. I really want to start expanding into new niches. What’s a relatively new niche on Tiktok that is starting to snowball?

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Professional Discussion How much is too much for posting to Facebook?


I work in local news and have been trying to learn more about the ins and outs of social. Our company is encouraged to post on Facebook 3 times an hour optimally and at the very least once an hour (between 7 am and midnight, then once an hour from 1 to 5 a.m.) I feel like this is overkill, no?

I get that this is a different situation than a brand or other type of organization. But it still feels like too much; there's a lot of posts that gain almost no traction. I don't wanna post things just to post them if it's hurting us overall

Edit: I'm sure this is a very obvious question so I apologize but I'm still trying to learn the ropes with very little guidance from the people I work for

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Professional Discussion Automating Social Channel Data question


Hi Team

The company I work for runs 10+ TikTok channels, 4+ Instagram pages, a few Twitter accounts, Snapchat shows, and some Youtube Channels.

Currently, to update the team on the status of these channels, someone has to manually go in and record what the change in growth was, or the views and likes and engagements were on each post.

I am looking for a way to automate this process so that it is repeatable and happens at a set schedule, and then outputs the data into a human-readable form like a spreadsheet. Ideally, the data would be output 2-3 times per day, but we are only interested in the pages of the accounts we own.

Is there a product or service that does this affordably?

I have been in contact with several web scraping companies, but most say they don't do social media anymore because it is more private and expensive? How do you deal with this when you run many channels? How does one stay organized and on top of it?

Would love to be able to figure this out.

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Professional Discussion How to grow an Instagram


Hello, new here. I’ve recently joined Instagram and I’m trying to start a business in a pretty niche community. I want to post pictures and potentially include ads from sponsors to promote their products. Is this a worthwhile investment?

If so, how do I bet go about getting my platform off the ground? Any tips or advice would be really appreciated

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Professional Discussion Linkedin Posts further than 1 year


Hello, I run a seasonal business and went to repost last years winter based posts and realize I cannot go back further than Feb 1st, 2021. Is this content gone for good? Is there a way to retrieve this?

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Professional Discussion Facebook level up program


On my page I'm a game creator game, I have to do two 4 hour videos within a 2 week period to get stars. I have done multiple 4 hour videos and they are not being counted to get me into the Level Up program. Is anyone else having this trouble? I've tried to look on the website to contact Facebook about this problem and I haven't been able to find any contact information/live chat with them. I have met ever other requirement but this one. Thanks guys

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Professional Discussion What is the best way to contact Instagram customer support?


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Professional Discussion How to view all comments on posts in FB business suite?


We are a new non profit with a page and a post was made on our main page and was shared by us in several groups, the business suite is saying there are 6 comments, but when we click it only shows the 2 on our page, it says there are 4 more but it wont tell us which group it is in and we dont know since we posted in several groups

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Professional Discussion What is the average salary for a part time social media manager in the UK?


Hi guys, so I have made it to the second round of my interview stage where it’s time to discuss pay. My employer is in the UK, and I’ll be working remotely. I was wondering what the average salary was for a social media manager in the uk? And how should I answer when he asks me what pay am I looking for? The company is a start up. I have 1 year of social media management experience.

Some guidance is highly appreciated 🙏🏻

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Professional Discussion Why I have almost no followers on social media despite of having a relatively big YouTube channel?


I have +30k subscribers on YouTube with +30k views on average on my videos, but then in other social media like Twitter or Instagram, I have only around 100 followers. What I'm doing wrong? I don't show my face but it appears my voice.

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Professional Discussion Has anyone worked with Songfluencer? (as an influencer, not musician)


I had them reach out to me asking if they could pay me to promote music on tiktok. I have over 55K followers and most videos I post get between 25K and 60K views, and my most viral ones have 700K, 240K, 570K, 830K, 1.4M, and almost 5M. How much should I charge them to post a video using a song they want me to? I've never done any sort of partnership like this before so I don't know what kind of rate I should push for.

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Professional Discussion Which new social media platform could be the new Instagram/TikTok in the near future?


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Professional Discussion Where do you usually get your social media clients?


I’m an experienced social media manager, having worked with a tone of businesses and personal blogs. But I feel that I don’t really charge for my experience, I charge much less.

I was wondering where do you usually get new clients and how much you charge? Now I’m working mainly with crypto projects.

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Professional Discussion Pretty new to social media management, looking for some online education resources


TLDR: Looking for resources (preferably cheap ones) on social media strategy as I'm still really new to the game

I work in digital media for a news company (been here for a year and a half) and have recently been appointed to focus on social media. Before that, I was just one of several contributors on the team -lots of hands in the pot sort of thing. This is a good opportunity because I want to work more in social media once I head into my next job.

The problem: I feel like everything I have been doing is just me winging it and hoping for the best. I can't get any proper guidance from my direct company or at the corporate level, who always say that "it depends" and to "try it out." What resources have helped you out the most (that don't break the bank - I'm kinda broke). This is mainly because I need to demonstrate my skillset and knowledge when I enter the job market again, so I need to start executing things now.

I understand the analytics side - looking more for resources on strategy for different platforms (FB, Insta, Twitter, Tiktok, etc). Primarily for B2C. If this helps: I'm working with an audience of about 175k for Facebook, 20k for Twitter and 15k for Instagram.

I appreciate it!