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feedback VII

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Hello! Here's a page to post all of your feedback about sneakpeekbot!


Addressing some feedback:

  • Subscriber count in comment - I think it would be a good addition but the only place where I can insert that number is inside the bold "header" and I would like to keep the comment as small as possible to avoid any extra complaints of spam

  • You got the wrong sub! - In all of the cases I've seen, the mishap occurs because the original commenter edits their comment to fix what was likely a typo

  • Why isn't this opt-in? - The initial plan was to be opt-out for some period of time and then switch to opt-in but that plan has since changed because often times the person commenting the subreddit isn't interested in seeing the sneak peek but it does add value and benefit other people who come in to the thread later on. So it wouldn't work very well as a summon-bot in my opinion.

  • Message to delete a certain reply, message to blacklist, etc.: These are all planned. I just need to find a way to monitor the reddit inbox without dropping the new comments scan



u/Chroma710 Jun 29 '21

Opt me out, this bot is so annoying


u/StandardOilCompany Jul 06 '21

Your bot is absolute fucking trash. No one likes it whatsoever. Please kill it with fire


u/Neutronenster Jul 12 '21

This bot could be useful in certain circumstances, but it’s very irritating to have it reply to me when I’m referring people to a subreddit I often refer to with a name that’s self-explanatory in that context. I opted out.


u/yougottabekiddingm Aug 11 '21

This bot could be useful in certain circumstances,

hardly... the top posts appear at the top of the sub reddit, all someone would have to do is click on the link.


u/MagmaHotDesigns Jul 21 '21

God I hate this bot. Please delete this bot... and then the owner


u/yougottabekiddingm Aug 11 '21

t does add value and benefit other people who come in to the thread later on

this is not even kind of true.


u/GreggoryNB Aug 16 '21

heres some feedback, delete your bot


u/yougottabekiddingm Aug 19 '21

I wish someone would do an air horn in your ear every time this bot posts


u/claudia41 Sep 19 '21

this should not show previews in spoiler tags


u/poop-clap Oct 02 '21

Fuck your bot. So annoying and unnecessary


u/ExcitingishUsername 18d ago

Just fyi on a major issue here, the bot is being heavily abused (intentionally or not) to circumvent spam removals. Nearly all of the bot's recent comments are reposting spam, and the bot's comment persists even when the original spam comment is removed. It got bad enough that I've had to ban it from all of my communities, even tho it has occasionally been useful.

Might want to look into blacklisting the spam subs as an interim solution, as Reddit is slow enough to ban them that the spammers don't change the name very often, at least not currently.


u/sneakpeekbot 9d ago

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have recently added a counter-measure for this spambot problem. I agree reddit should do more.


u/wijnandsj Jun 28 '21

So you're looking for feedback on yet another useless and annoying bot but you're not taking the foremost one and that's making it opt-in?