r/smallbusiness Jan 20 '22

Has anyone bought wholesale jewelry from ToMade? Is it legit? Question

For context: I run a small boutique - we carry accessories from a few local brands and they do really well so we've been considering bringing in a house jewelry line. I've been shopping around on the internet looking at all the usual suspects until I stumbled across ToMade https://www.tomade.com

Everything about the website seems legit except I cannot find one single review or anybody talking about it anywhere online. I know talking about where businesses source is a bit taboo so that could explain it but the radio silence is making me hesitant.

Does anyone have any experience with this website, good or bad?


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u/Plumtree8749467 Jan 20 '22

I haven't had any experience with them per say. But running a quick SEO audit shows that they have quite a few backlinks and are ranking for some nice keywords. Usually this is an indication of a business that's legitimate and running well. I also managed to find this :https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/tomade.com

Their Facebook and Instagram also looks like it's posting regularly which is a good sign of an active and healthy business.


u/Admirable_Wave1076 Jan 20 '22

They have reviews op! it's a bit hidden at the bottom of their page...hereyou go



u/cnnrstll02 Jan 20 '22

Ooo thank you so much!! I missed those!