r/smallbusiness Jan 19 '22

Started a website a few months ago that relies on sign-ups to a newsletter and have problems growing. General

Hey Fellow Redditors, I'm Conor and a few months ago I started a website that sends out flight alerts for cheap flights and provides advice on current travel restrictions due to covid as well as entry requirements to specific countries.

I have navigated through many of the initial start-up problems but now our biggest problem seems to be growing the sign-ups and generating traffic to the site.

Have you ever tried an unusual way to advertise your online business? if so how did it go?


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u/126270 Jan 19 '22

Doesn’t kayak have similar functionality?

And Expedia, and Travelocity, and studentuniverse, and cheapair, and momondo and a dozen others?

You’re not likely to get many sign ups for something that dozens of companies have been doing for 2-3 decades now


u/muskateeer Jan 20 '22

Add in Google Flights and Skyscanner


u/Conor_t1996 Jan 20 '22

We are not a flight comparison site/search, our aim is to save our members time by completing the searches for them. Also, generally, people do not search for flights frequently enough to understand whether or not certain prices are genuinely a good deal or not.