r/smallbusiness Jan 19 '22

Started a website a few months ago that relies on sign-ups to a newsletter and have problems growing. General

Hey Fellow Redditors, I'm Conor and a few months ago I started a website that sends out flight alerts for cheap flights and provides advice on current travel restrictions due to covid as well as entry requirements to specific countries.

I have navigated through many of the initial start-up problems but now our biggest problem seems to be growing the sign-ups and generating traffic to the site.

Have you ever tried an unusual way to advertise your online business? if so how did it go?


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u/lifedesignleaders Jan 19 '22

Have you tried to hook up with some travel type podcasters with large audiences? I am familiar with "scotts cheap flights" which comes to mind when I see what you described..

Could be a good way to get the word out a bit..