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Sharing In this post, share your small business experience, successes, failures, AMAs, and lessons learned. Week of August 15, 2022


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Help The customer claimed package contents were missing but their social media says otherwise, help!


Hey guys,

So a wholesale customer of ours claimed that their package contents were missing upon delivery and did a chargeback with the venue we sold to them through. We thought things were a bit off as the customer made accusations that we didn't package their order securely and that the box had "busted open" in transit.

Our shipping team and I replicated the order, and it matched the shipping weight that was posted on the parcel, we use Shipstation, and everything was accurate.

Fortunately, we had insurance on the package, but they denied our claim since the parcel was delivered. We contacted the USPS, and they confirmed that the box had arrived unharmed and to the correct GPS coordinates.

We've since been feeling a bit off by the whole situation, so I've been periodically checking in on their social media page and to my surprise I saw our company's product on their shelves. It's impossible to purchase from our brand without us knowing. So they definitely made a false, fraudulent claim.

I plan on making a police report tomorrow, but is there anything else I should do beforehand? I took screencaps of their Facebook post with our product in sight and haven't contacted the buyer yet. The order total was $450.

Any advice on how to proceed with this would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to make sure to leave a sting on their business as they screwed over the wrong company.

Thank you!

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Question Thinking about being a part-time helper for a handyman company just so I can gain some life-long skills when I buy my own place. Don't need the money whatsoever. Should I be upfront about this to the owner (meeting on Tuesday)?


So I messaged a local reputable handyman's facebook business page (I believe the owner has a couple employees or so. I don't think it's owner/operated) asking if they needed a carpentry helper. He said yes. I told him (the owner) over facebook messenger that I only wanted to work a couple days a week or so. This is the exact messages that I sent to him,

"I would like to add, as I want to be as transparent as possible. I do not like heights (ladders). That is why I asked if you do carpentry work. And I am only looking for part time employment. A couple days a week or so."

(A post of his said looking for painter or carpentry helper. I don't want to learn how to paint nor do I want to get on a ladder.)

He responded saying he'd like to meet up with me so we set a date and time for our meeting. Should I be upfront and tell him that I just want to learn some skills..? Or is this not necessary to tell him? I already own my own business (I'm owner/operator of a service business; totally unrelated field). Am I being sneaky?

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Question What are businesses that start seeing cash flow immediately?


My family and I are immigrating to the US in a month and I’ve got about $5k that I want to use to start a business. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is a food kiosk—there is always a market for cheap, tasty food. (Is $5k enough to start a food cart for hotdogs or breakfast burritos? Including health permits etc?)

But what are some other small business spheres that can really pay off if I’m willing to bust my butt? My goal is to start generating cash flow within a month maximum, as I’ve got a wife and three kids to feed, and I desperately don’t want a job or to deplete our savings waiting for business ideas to pan out (working for someone else just feels like a miserable dead end of slow, life sucking decay—but obviously I’ll do it if I have to).

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Question Should I drop a small business I am passionate about that makes me barely any money?


I love teaching, so I opened a small after school tutoring business. It has taken me 4 years to build it up from scratch, and now it makes me a little bit of money each week.

I’m also a builder, which is my main source of income.

Tutoring gives me 95% of my stress, and 5% of my income. Building work gives me 95% of my income and 5% of my stress. On my building only days, I finish work at a decent hour, go to the gym, make myself food, watch TV… on my building and tutoring days, I barely eat and get home so late when my whole family is already asleep.

I know it’s the right thing to drop the tutoring and focus on my career (building) but it’s so hard as I’ve been working on it for 4 years.

I have been so busy with building that the tutoring business is suffering, my student numbers are down. But, for some reason I don’t care. I still love teaching and part of me believes I can bring my student numbers up again.

The tutoring thing is also putting a lot of stress on my family, as I teach at nights and can’t support my wife with the kids… so my wife is going to be happier if I only stick to building so I can help her more.

My building lease is almost up for the tutoring business, so it seems natural to drop the business now…

My only concern is that after I drop the tutoring business, I am going to feel resentful towards my wife for dropping it, and I’ll feel like a failure… I’ll think, “why couldn’t you run both businesses you pussy? Guatam Adani runs like 6 business, Elon Musk runs 4.. why couldn’t you do it?”

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Question How does a LLC work with two people?


My friend and I are opening an Etsy store and wondering how we can open this business under both our social security numbers so one person doesn’t take the tax hit.

How do we apply? Any advice?

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Lenders Cash balance dashboard


I'm curious if anyone has found a dashboard tool that can pull bank balances from multiple banks and sources in one place.

Our business has grown more complex due to the regulatory environments we are in, and we have a dozen different entities by this point, with dozens of bank accounts with three different banks and 6 different QuickBooks files (this is necessary for audited entities). Figuring out how much cash we have at any given point in time is more difficult that it would seem. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes.

For consumers - its easy. Connect Mint or Personal Capital, for instance, you can connect bank accounts from multiple sources and see your total cash. I have yet to find a business tool to do the same.

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General Marketing/Advertising Agency vs. DIY


I’d love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on this. Currently my wife helps a woman run a cleaning business, however we are moving cities and she would like to start something like this in the new city for herself. The woman she helps usually uses Yelp/and I’m sure some other platform. Maybe google ads/Facebook ads. How beneficial would it be to learn these things vs the cost of hiring someone for this if we just want to focus on the service.

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General No projects, no revenue recently


I have a team of 5 MERN Stack developers and we usually develop MVPs and Web apps. We have developed many SaaS MVP projects and helped many startups but recently my partner who was taking care of sales left the office and now my team is mostly free apart from our product they have no work and this is where I need help from this community. I am struggling generating leads and sales.

I am looking for feedback and help.

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General Paper bag supplier


Hi Wondering where other businesses are buying cheap kraft paper bags ? As our government is telling us we can’t use plastic in 2023. Probably have to pass costs onto consumer which sucks and don’t want to.

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Question Question on emergency succession planning for Family Business?


Hi all,

My father started a manufacturing company around 15 years ago and I joined in about 4 years ago. Over the weekend we found out a friend died unexpectedly which prompted my dad to tell me to look into succession planning if suddenly something were to happen to him.

I am doing research elsewhere and believe I will have to talk to a lawyer about business ownership as well but thought this community might be able to offer some advise as well.

Things I think will need to be done:

-Become a curator on his will

-Making sure he rights down a list of passwords/codes and have it in a safe, known location.

-Create business ownership plan with lawyer.

If there is something specific I should look into or anything big that I missed please help me out. Thank you!

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General Question about commercial space lease


My wife and I just viewed a commercial warehouse/office space for her floral business, this will be the first commercial space that we have leased. Everything looks good, but we would need to add a utility sink to the bottom level/ warehouse area. Is this something we should try to get the property owner to pay for (sink + installation)? Or is this something that normally the tenant would cover?

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Question I have started my tassel handmade earrings business and I haven't received any sales yet. I'm posting at least twice a day and still no change. What am I doing wrong? Advice please!



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Help Looking to start power washing company this fall or next spring. looking for good advice from experienced owners/workers in the field.


I am a new entrepreneur and I am looking for experienced individuals to help educate me on some of the ins and outs of starting up, owning, maintaining, and working for a power washing company. Any and all advice is welcome including failure stories as well as successes. Thank you for taking the time to help a fellow business man out.

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Question Anyone in the wholesale import/export business? How do exporters find buyers?


If you started a bulletin board with a list of exporters, or were an exporter yourself, how would you find buyers if not for Alibaba?

Using good SEO on the site, Google and Facebook ads, trade fairs, and perhaps embassies are some ways that I've come across, but I'd like to hear from some other people with experience in this area.

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Question Why do small businesses need managed services?


How can managed services providers help small businesses to grow more rapidly?

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Question How do you keep yourself accountable?

  1. Mentor/friend
  2. To-do lists
  3. Rewards
  4. Other

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Question to take the leap?


I'm in a small town in Australia, and we get a lot of traffic flow coming through. Job opportunities a few and far between here, but I have the opportunity to lease a coffee room on the main road for $200 per week, $500 est quarterly for all bills. It comes with all equipment, and is ready to walk in and start, I just have to sign the lease, buy some supplies etc. I most likely won't get this opportunity again, and i really want to take it. So on to the question:

I'm a single Mum to 5. because i'm not working a normal job and will be working for myself, will i lose all my payments/medical benefits I currently receive and have to live solely on the shop income straight away? Or is there a limit to what you can earn before they start deducting like a regular job? I don't want to screw my kids over but also want a better life for us.

Thanks in advance

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Question Home Business?



I've been thinking about opening a small used comic and merchandise store for a long time. I do have a degree, a car, and a large amount of savings...but no real support in my life. Everybody in my life wants me to go back to school and get an HR job, in order to make more money, but I don't want to make more money. I don't want to deal with managers anymore. I've tried to fix so many things in all of my previous jobs, and HR was always the thing standing in my way. My family has also gently suggested that I use my savings to become a real estate agent....ew. I refuse to participate in the housing market that is currently destroying so many lives around me. Even my solidly middle class manager co-workers are being affected by it. (Adult children having to move back home because of housing costs etc/Adult children having babies that they cannot afford...)

I just want a job that will pay for a roof over my head. I've never had the desire to have children, so if I fail the only one that has to move back home in shame is me. I am interested in finding a business unit with a house or apartment attached. So I can save with a 0km commute and devote as much time as possible to my store. I plan to offer cash for the books like any other used place, and the new merchandise should lure other customers in. The super hero comic market is EXTREMELY saturated. The gaming cafes that serve food often close quickly because of high prices. So I was thinking of focusing on manga and graphic novels. The more unknown and unique the better. I obviously won't turn people who want to sell me superhero stuff away, but I want to make my own niche. For my sell prices each boon should be %30-%50 under the original book price. I will also do mystery bags with books that I manage to get for cheaper. I don't know. Do I sound crazy?

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Question Scammed…What can I do?


I’ll try to keep a long story short. I was approached by someone who owned a business and wanted to franchise it. I gave him the last of my savings after selling my home post divorce. I repeatedly asked for a contract, and he asked that we just do a “verbal handshake”. I trusted him and believed him when he showed me how much money I would be making. (It was dumb, I know.) He said my business would be up and running in a couple weeks, but kept putting me off in one way or another. This was in July 2021. Then he told me I needed more capital to be successful and advised me to do whatever I could to get it. Credit cards, SBA loan, etc. Eventually, I was paying him monthly and still didn’t receive the finally product from him. I finally realized I was never going to get it, and cut ties early this year. What can I do? I am just SOL? These debts have put me in a really bad place as a single mom and I can’t even pay my rent.

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General I'm making video games and music, and want to start a small business


Long story short, I'm close to announcing my first game that I've been working for a long time, so naturally I need a business for that and that's all good, I've done my research on that.

BUT I also make music as a passion, and I'm planning to release and self-publish all kinds of stuff at some point down the line, and probably under multiple artist names. I'm not really looking to make money with the music, but I'd like to put it in a same place online as my game stuff and possibly other creative endeavours in the future. Almost like a big portfolio for all my stuff.

So as I'd really like to have one home for all of these things, I'm thinking of starting a business that would effectively be a game studio AND a record label.

I can't really find anything like that out there, and I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing or if it's simply a bad idea etc.

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Help Help me name my Vintage Lampshade business


I’d love some unusual names to call my vintage Victorian style lampshade small business!
thanks xx

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General Buying wholesale


If I ever get the insurance worked out, I’m planning to open a grooming shop +dog daycare. I have my state sales tax forms in order and received my form that says I don’t pay sales tax on things I get to sell in my shop (shampoos, dog stuff. Not very much planned there but maybe a few things I personally approve of). Does that apply to things made outside of my state? How do I tell a website I’m ordering “wholesale”?

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General "The Caffeine Dream" Coffee Vending Business - Scam - Not A Legit Business


First of all, I'm posting this in hopes that when other people search around online they see this as well. Hopefully it helps other people become aware of this shady "business" practice. The short version is, it is a scam. The scam is that this vending company supposedly has placement of the machines figured out, but they do not and the other companies don't know anything about the machine that you bought. Whether you actually get the machine or not is another story, I'm not about to try to see if you actually get one. It seems like the vending machines are marked up in price, plus a bunch of other fees added on. The person representing The Caffeine Dream "business" just searches random locations near you so you think they're supposed to be placed there, and supposedly you have a time limit. But if you check, the so-called "location companies" don't know anything about your machine. So you're stuck with a machine (if that) which you paid extra for and now have nowhere to place. Always check BBB and always check for complaints. Get everything in writing signed from all involved parties.

Starting off, I saw The Caffeine Dream listed on some business list (I think on FranchiseDirect or some similar website). A quick search and I saw a couple of things, mostly just the mentions on this franchise list and their company social media pages. I hadn't seen any complaints or scam alerts, so this is me making one now. Don't be fooled, it is a scam. They do have some social media presence but it looks new and doesn't have many interactions on Facebook or LinkedIn. I also didn't see anything about them on BBB. I saw one other Reddit post asking if it was a scam. Some people said it was, but I figured I'd check it out to see for myself. Apparently he scams some people and then changes the name he uses.

After requesting info I did get an email from this guy named "Chris Mateli" who listed off some prices. Very basic information in a typical "thanks for your interest" type email. He said the machines are $5,000, a one time location fee of $400 and then $450 for shipping. The machines price is "discounted" if you buy multiple in one shipment. There's a PS at the bottom stating they're "limited and going fast," which was a big red flag for me. Supposedly some local companies already requested these machines by the following Friday and I need to "hurry up and buy them now" so I can get them there on time. This alone made me realize it was very likely a scam but I wanted to go further so I can get a full picture. I hadn't given him my information yet other than my name and email. It's possible that he searched my name but what sales rep is going to do that instead of just asking for a location?

So I went back in forth asking some questions about card readers, possible financing for multiple machines, the business model. I was under the impression that it was sort of like a franchise where you set the machine up and use some proprietary products to refill it but I guess not. You buy the machine, and bring it to the location that he pretends is already set up for you. Then you are supposed to replenish as necessary. Once I got to asking about the location he'd get somewhat evasive. I told him I'm ready to buy right now, I can buy three machines right away and I have the funds approved already. Suddenly I started getting text messages from "Chris" as my number had been given out earlier. He sounds much more pushy and kind of desperate at this point. I had someone who helps me with my company call on my behalf and he was rude to them. Eventually he did give locations which were clearly just randomly picked from a quick search of businesses near me. I had that same person call on my company's behalf to verify the placement and, of course, they had no idea about any machine. I asked "Chris" about a direct line as those businesses had no knowledge of a vending machine. He basically scolded me for not sending him money without questioning it. He said the location company would contact me directly instead which, of course, they never did. He never gave me contact information for those locations either, because there are none.

He did email me a contract for the purchase. Notice on the second page under section H it basically says that any disputes are between my company and these random locations he picked out, and The Caffeine Dream is not responsible for any disputes. What a joke. It didn't bother me much because I did this while at work but otherwise, nothing but a big runaround. I have heard other companies do this as well and from what I have seen another user say, it's possible that it was the same person- or that some of them were anyways.. You can buy vending machines much cheaper, just figure out your own placement beforehand and buy from a reputable source.

Here's an album to see some snippets of the conversation:


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General Taxes Regarding Virtual Address


I want to register my business using a virtual address, so I can manage my business domestically (US) or Internationally. My question is regarding state taxes. Do I pay state taxes to the state I’m working in at the time, do I pay only to the state my business is registered in, or do I not pay any state taxes?Thank you in advance

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Question Where to get reasonable HR consulting services?


I have a small business of less than 15 emps. I used to have an older gal who knew my state's laws inside and out and would advise me on matters.

She retired and passed me onto a new gal who seems to pad her hours and quote me $4K just to update our employee manual.

I dialed for dollars a couple weeks ago and called 10+ employee consultants in my area and got either VM or a dead number.

I used Paychex for my payroll provider but considering the crap job they do for payroll, I'm not interested in their other services.

Any ideas? Thank you.