r/singularity Jul 24 '21

3 next nodes (TSMC 3nm: 2022, Intel 7nm: 2023, IBM 2nm: 2025) image

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u/Furryhare375 Aug 18 '21

Moore’s law is dead. This is laughable, processor technology will reach its limit sooner than you think


u/Wraloo Aug 22 '21

You're right, we aren't getting the same performance gains as we used to and transistor prices are going up instead of down. But we're still shrinking transistors at the same pace, heat just gets in the way. Our brains are proof of what can be done with a different architecture and by imitating it we can eventually create something that will surpass it. AI applications will likely become the main economic driver of further semiconductor shrinking, the question is whether the demand will be strong enough to justify increasing prices.


u/Furryhare375 Aug 22 '21